October 2, 2009

A Day in Discussions

with Lysander:
Lysander: What are you eating?
Tea: Bear claw.
Lysander: What?
Tea: It's a-
Lysander: I know.
Tea: It's good.
Lysander: okay.

Between Mario and the health class:
Mario: I just said the 1st one was the bad stage, the second was really bad, and the third was even worse
(regarding the stages of syphilis)

Between Ms. Seltzia and a boy in my sister's class:
Boy: I went with my cat when it got put down.
Ms. S: Did it make you sad to watch it slump lifelessly to the ground?
Boy: Yes.


Jackie said...

ohhhh lysaannnnnnnnderrr...wait, you were eating a bear claw?!?! since when did you delve into the depths of highly adventurous foods? i've never tried one of those!
Lysander wanted me to go to sakura with him and Kerry tonight. Really? Can you imagine a more awkward meal? Though I do like talking to Kerry. He's a nice kid. Maybe it wouldn't have been that bad.

And wow Ms. Seltzia. Someone's had too many dead cats.

Jackie said...

oh, and Mario is hilarious :)

Tea said...

they're almond paste with chocolate on them- hardly adventurous. and I just googled them, and they are actually called almond horns, my family just mixes them up consistently.