October 21, 2009

Nerds Don't Get Any

This is, as we're all aware, a sad but true fact. And it only makes things worse to hear about all of the people who we considered totally beneath us in middle school, back before we moved to the higher level classes where one could, potentially, find a room in which the only person who's had sex is the teacher, are out there hooking up and doing god knows what else. (Forgive me the run-on sentence. Incomprehensibility seems to be my buzzword for the week). For instance, take Grant, who apparently hooked up with a girl and then called her "Isabel" by accident. I personally don't know anyone named Isabel, so who knows what he was thinking, but regardless, I think I'm going to break into another round of pouting along the theme of what-do-they-have-that-I-don't.

This should make for a highly enjoyable evening.

The whole bit about nerds not getting any is a stereotype. It's a true stereotype as far as e the nerds I know go, but it is a stereotype. This week in Health, Kathrya, Nia and I are making a public service announcement about stereotypes in which we film a representation of a stereotype, then demonstrate how this person subverts it. For nerd, Kathrya got all dolled up in high-waisted cords with a TI-85 in the pocket, a tucked in, baggy white tee, and overlarge glasses. We were debating what subversion to use while Nia got the camera working. My vote was for an STD. Kathrya, however, didn't respond favorably to my pleas to tell the health class that she has gonorrhea.

A few minutes later, Mr. Booth walked by, and Kathrya and I both waved and said hi. He walked over to us.

Mr. Booth: So what are you doing?
Tea: We're making a public service announcement for health.
Kathrya: I'm dressed as a nerd. I don't normally look like this, I promise!
Mr. Booth laughs before saying: Nice calculator.
Kathrya: Haha, thanks.
Mr. Booth: So what is this about?
Tea: Stereotypes.
Kathrya: We're dressing up as them and then subverting them.
Mr. Booth: So how are you subverting nerd?
Kathrya: We're not sure yet. Tea wants to say I have STDs, but-
At that, Mr. Booth's entire head, including the top of it, turned red, and he covered up the his face.
Tea: Honestly, it's health class, I don't see what's wrong with it!
Mr. Booth: It really doesn't seem like the best idea.
Nia: Maybe you party a lot or something?
Mr. Booth: Or she could play sports. You still have the whole jock divide, right?
Tea, musing: What sport, though?
Mr. Booth: How about chess club. Would that work?
Tea, puzzled: No.
Kathrya: Probably not.
Tea blinked a few times, confused.

At that point, Tawny emerged from the bathroom in hippy regalia, and we had to end the conversation to go film her.


Jackie said...

Nerds don't get any because we're too good to worry about that crap right now. There's no reason for us to waste our time having boys mooning over us, because it distracts us from our nerdy work, and additionally, our overly capable brains would be unsatisfied by the offerings of mere high school boys.

So we wait.

Tea said...

well said.