October 20, 2009

Comprehensive Learning

Sleep is a truly glorious thing. My eight hours a night are truly wonderful, and, honestly, I need every second of those eight hours. It always shocks me to hear about people getting less- Tybalt, for instance who averages "six, six and a half" hours per night.

Crazy person.

I had math team today, and there was a surprisingly low turnout. When I got there, Tybalt, Bryant, and Dino were the only ones in attendance. They were discussing the physics test, but Bryant hadn't taken it yet, so the other two were using code words to discuss it in front of him.

"Heavy tangerine, right Dino?"

"What?" asked Dino.

Tybalt looked at me expectantly.

"Nope, I still have no clue what you're talking about," I said.

"The one with the big things that go up and down and around."

"Oh!" said Dino, "the humpy one!"


"The humpy one! It was the second one, I think. Or maybe the third..."

"Yeah, you got a heavy tangerine, yes?"

"What the hell is a tangerine?"

"I like tangerines."

"The ticket, it's a heavy tangerine, Dino, just think about it. TANgerine."


Bryant got fed up. "He's saying that the acceleration is gravity times the tangent!"

"You weren't supposed to understand!"

Dino opened his mouth, then paused a moment before speaking. "Hey, if you take one genius twin, and derive him with respect to the other genius twin, which one of them are you respecting?"

"I don't get it," I said.

"Neither of them," said Bryant, understanding better than the intended target yet again.


Gretchen said...

haha!! that was a great story, but i feel like you're gonna have to tell me again. sometimes, i lost who was saying what to who...

Tea said...

I'll do my best, but I'm having difficulty remembering who said what to who, to be completely honest.

vicky/bruney said...

arg...I always get bryant and tybalt confused...

Tea said...

Tybalt starts with the same letter as his name. He's also the one who is attempting to make "clutch" happen. Doesn't he realize that clutch isn't an adjective? He's like Gretchen Weiner from Mean Girls.

Julie said...

How on earth do you get eight hours of sleep a night?

This story is amazing, but completely incomprehensible. Oh, by the way, the correct word is "differentiate," NOT "derive." The two have completely different meanings.

Oh, Mean Girls. Such a guilty pleasure movie. Clutch is a throwback to the days of middle school, and it's not coming back.

My verification word of the day: lazyten. Bask in its glory.

Jackie said...

i didn't know clutch had any other meaning than a) what i need to work on in my car, and b) a useless name for an even more useless style of purse (of owning one....totally guilty :)

maybe, because driving with a clutch is so much cooler than driving an automatic, Tybalt is just using it as an analogy for coolness beyond definition. yes?