October 15, 2009

Degrees of Hilarity

Funny is Krystal's inability to think before she speaks, to the point where, when having a conversation in English about how Gatsby seems to be choosing his words carefully, she busts out with a "Wait- people actually do that?!"

Funnier is Tonta accusing Alex of giving her the impression that Alex gave a lot of blow jobs, which, now that I think of it, she never specifically denied. It ended with them both accusing the other one of being easy and Julian yelling that he had no interest in hearing anything to do with Alex and blowjobs, and that Tonta was overly gullible, Alex was being sarcastic, and, "seriously, you were convinced last week that I was sleeping with Maculate!" Alex was so distracted by the idea of Julian and Maculate doing anything that the conversation was derailed.

Funniest were the three sophomores talking about hot guys. "And, well, I just think Holden Caufield is so hot!"
"I don't know, he's a bit depressive..."
"You like emo guys, though."
"This is true. And Holden's pretty cute."
"Wait-" interrupted the third. "Are you talking about literary characters?"
"They can't be hot. They don't exist."
"Two words: Edward Cullen."
"You think Edward Cullen is hot? Is there something wrong with you?"
"No, I don't, but if crazy girls can have crushes on him, than I can have a thing for Holden."

I will take this moment to disclose my middle-school crush on Artemis Fowl. Something about those young, evil geniuses...


Julie said...

um... I used to have a crush on artemis fowl too.

Tea said...

I'm beginning to worry that we have freakishly similar taste...

Jackie said...

I was so jealous of minerva!! she was ME, i swear!