October 27, 2009

Tea Does Spanish

Señora is really a tad to prone to personal questions. For instance, my responses to the homework today:

If I lived on the island and didn't have a job, I would look for work as a babysitter because the children are pleasing to me.

If I could ask for the autograph of any person, I would ask for the autograph of the President Obama because he is pleasing to me.

If there was a limited amount of water, I would shower less times.

If I saw a person for the first time, I would not be capable of falling in love with that person.

If my parents made a toast on the day of my wedding, they would give me felicitations.

If I were Mario and I read a letter from Neruda (don't ask), I would hope that the letter is interesting.

If I had a son, I would give him the name Pedro.

If my spouse died before my son was born, I would become sad.


Julie said...

Recuerda Té, siempre se permite mentir en la clase de español!

Yeah, I was really confused about the letter from Neruda question, too. I think I said the same thing, and that I would miss Neruda.

Tea said...

Recuérdate, Julie, recuérdate. Mira su acentos, chika!

Tea said...

and I know. I don't plan on naming my son Pedro, assuming that I even have one.

Julie said...

It was a play on your name. Té is Tea in Spanish.

Julie said...

Recuérdate doesn't even make sense as a word. Remember yourself?

Tea said...

hmph. way to have good comprehension of spanish.