October 29, 2009

Wonder Page

for my research paper.

-facial expressions (across species/cultures)
-feminism as a label (why is it not accepted by people who believe in equality)
-sexualization of preteens
-origination of leg shaving
-nation of immigrants
-stem cells
-modeling industry and eating disorders
-originations of language
-common grammatical constructs
-development of the English language
-women in science
-affirmative action
-the internet and hate speech
-how to teach gifted children


Gretchen said...

i like the how to teach gifted children and the internet and hate speech. for English language do you mean british or american?

i want to do something non scientific just cause that would be something...expected

Tea said...

I mean more like oooold anthropology stuff. like LANGUAGE, not just English. I want to say the FOXP gene? or something like that?

But I'm leaning towards either the gifted kids or the sexualized preteens.

Gretchen said...

then i say gifted kids
you could probably interview slash talk to our old workshop teacher

vicky/bruney said...

I have to admit, I have no idea what gerrymandering

Tea said...

It's when politicians redraw the borders of their constituencies so that they don't lose their seats.