October 12, 2009


I learned to spell that word from playing The Sims.

Mrs. Hirten said Yuuuuge instead of huge again. It made me cringe.

I've been trying to write down items worth blogging during the day, but I always lose my lists. I did manage to glean a few gems from my English binder, however.

Inverted sentences have the verb before the subject and sound like Yoda. For instance, "happy, I was, when I walked down the green hall."

I think Ms. Seltzia has death on her mind. When describing pungent flowers today, she asked if any of us had "been too a funeral home where there are lots of lilies."

Also, who knew that personification of nature is called pathetic fallacy?

And does anyone know where I can buy vanadyl sulfate?


vicky/bruney said...

you can buy your vanna-whatever here!
I found it for you...seriously!


Tea said...

thanks vicky, but I need the lab-grade stuff, not the vitamin.

Gretchen said...


vicky/bruney said...

ohhhhhh...too bad, I got really excited that I may have contributed to your mushy battery/ save the world project...you can't just grind up the vitamins?...I mean, you are mushing batteries!

Bubble said...

the sims, the sims!
you just scored major brownie points with me.