May 22, 2009

Ethnic Slurs

When discussing racial epithets with a black boy during U.S. history, you should
a-take a very serious tone and avoid saying any of said inappropriate terms.
b-insult him using said ethnic slurs
c-have an insightful discussion about the use of ethnic slurs by people past and present
d-google ethnic slurs and try to find the most ridiculous ones out there

Tea's answer is d, as demonstrated by her behavior today during U.S. history.

In this class, I was trying to find a racially insulting term that was not as bad as "nigger" but was nonetheless derogatory or had connotations that yielded associations with racism. I asked my group members, Joanie, Charles, and Emma, if they had any ideas. Emma, per usual, ignored me, but Joanie and Charles took it upon themselves to find something.
Joanie burrowed into her computer, not talking (which is unusual for her) while she looked. Charles immediately went to wikipedia and located this page. I went there as well, and he started at the top and I at the bottom, trying to find something suitable.
'Alligator bait' and 'gable' were bad enough, but by the time he reached 'porch monkey,' Charles couldn't take it any more. He dissolved into laughter, exclaiming over how utterly ridiculous it was. "Porch monkey! What?"
Not to be one-upped, I kept looking. "How about 'moon cricket?'"
"Moon cricket? Seriously? Like, what?"
I began laughing as well. "Could you seriously call somebody that with a straight face? I mean honestly, 'you moon cricket, you!' just sounds ridiculous!'
We kept laughing, and Joanie finally noticed us and looked up. "What's so funny?" she asked.
Charles waved a dismissive hand.
"Well," said Joanie, "I found the jackpot."
The racial slurs database contains such gems as 'cricket' 'dorito' and 'ghetto hampster'. To me, this sort of thing seems more ridiculous than rude, but I suppose that if someone had the nerve to call me 'fish-belly' or 'ghoul,' I would be upset. Even if the slurs themselves are ridiculous, I think it's the way they're said that creates the offensiveness.


vicky/bruney said...
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vicky/bruney said...

HAHAHAHAHAH: the wikipedia page is the funniest thing ever, I think this is my favorite:

Cheese-eating surrender monkey

(UK, USA, Canada) A Frenchman, from the perceived proclivity of the French to surrender in military confrontations and the huge variety of French cheeses available[34].

This one is by far the most clever:

Ugly American
An Epithet common internationally as an insult directed at a citizen of The United States, common usage is against tourists and travellers along with US corporate businesses in the particular area.

what a productive US class!

Jackie said...

okay, this is an old nursery rhyme:
Fuzzy Wuzzy was a bear
Fuzzy Wuzzy had no hair
I guess that Fuzzy Wuzzy
Wasn't really fuzzy, was he?

and this is an ethnic slur:
(UK) Colonialist term used to refer to the Hadendoa warriors in the 19th Century.

Gretchen said...

are there any black people in your class?

vicky/bruney said...

hahahaha...yea Tea sits with one!!!...he's the one referenced in the post!