May 29, 2009

Friday Night

well, Kathrya is over, and later, we're going bowling with Nyx, and, due to the fact that I have suddenly obtained a life, I'm not going to be making a long post today.
Vicky, you're going to have to get over it.

In other news, I saw Mario in the hallway again today, at least twice, and he didn't see me either time. The fact that I actually care is probably unhealthy.
Oh well.

For some reason, this didn't post properly yesterday. It was, all in all, decidedly odd. I guess I hit the save button instead of the publish button.
Kathrya, Nyx and I didn't actually go bowling. Instead, we all sat around and talked all afternoon. My nails are now an extremely attractive shade of purple.


vicky/bruney said...

That's alright, someday maybe I'll forgive your socrates quote thingy a tribute to Mario? (socrates being his favorite guy...) I was going to say that Mario not noticing you and you caring is not too unhealthy but a tribute to him on your site may be a little...

Tea said...

I'm getting rid of it now that you figured out who it was. I thought that you would find it at least mildly funny.