May 1, 2009

Happy May

The rest of the dream makes even less sense than the first half, so I think I won't bother with it. Instead, I will treat you to the transcripts of the texted conversations. This one was carried out with Bette, my friend from camp, whilst I was on the train with Mario.

Me: yo

Bette (within ten seconds of my texting her): HII how's life what's up how are you?? ^_^

Me: Betteyyyyyyy! hi! im on a train to nyc with an awkward kid frm school for the science thingy and he is READING THE WALL STREET JOURNAL and its scary! how did you type that fast?

Bette: awww that sucks! ask him a question. like ask him what he though of it. something related to what you guys have done lately, so it doesn't seem totally random, but make it something you wont feel awkwaard talking about or you think he's interested in. i type fast cuz i have an enV2 and it has a QWERTY keyboard ^_^

Me: Well, i told him you type really fast and he was like woah, but im kinda giving up on us ever carrying out conversation and watsupwityu?

Bette: lol nothing much.. internetting and i may go to a friend's house later... but that's about it... sigh* itred! and lol so ask him a question, not a statement, silly! lol

Now, here is a conversation with Mario, via text messages.

Me: Im going 2 take the train, but be forwarned: my gramma is riding in with us

Mario: Haha. thats fine

The End.


Vicky said...

HAHAHA your conversation with Mario is really funny....

Question though: why would you possibly tell Matio that your random friend from camp types fast?? I can just see that scene: Mario sitting peacefully reading the WSJ, you texting away then you blurt out: Hey Mario, my camp friend can type fast!!

Tea said...

it was preceded by a conversation in the cab about how ridiculously difficult it is to text at a reasonable rate, so this wasn't out of no where, and i think it was only our 1st/2nd trip.

Vicky said...

I can totally see Mario talking about that, here's my impersonation of him/ what he sounds like in US...

"so if you were to send one txt at .5 cents times 49.12 (the avergae txtxs per day... not really) times pi times cos sin tan divided by log5= quadratic polynomial sin-1.x complicated physics stuff..."

all of this, of course, is the perfect segue into ridiculously fast texting... :)
you always have such good stories, if only I were intelligent enough to go up to Columbia with you guys i could participate in them!!!!!

Tea said...

please- it's not a matter of intelligence. it's a matter of math skills and general scientific nerdiness.