May 30, 2009


I am sick, just like Gretchen. Yay me.

In other news, I made all twelve of my possible schedule permutations. What I'd really like to do is figure out if there's some way to mathematically determine the number of possibilities. I'm sure that there is- I think. Maybe. I'm not sure, actually, but there should be.

I know that it isn't 8!, since every class isn't available every period. And it isn't 3*2*1*3*3*3*2*3*3, and that's the number I get if I multiply each option. And it isn't 3*2*2*2*4*2*4*1, the number of periods each class is available. Although it IS that divided by the total number of periods (8) squared. But if I try that for last years (4*3*3*2*1*5*1*3)=1080, and I had 30 combinations, so in that case, I'd have to divide by 36. But if that's the case, I should be dividing the other one by 49, which clearly isn't true. Unless you determine how many prime factors there are, then subtract one, square that number, and divide what you have on top by that. 



Jackie said...

you lost me....
i'm almost not sick anymore; sorry to have passed it on :(

i have determined that i really only have 7 options now, because you can't take pottery before you take ceramics. i am either going to take jewelry, ceramics, watercolor, or culinary - if hannah can take it the same period as me, that's gonna be my first choice so we can finally have a class together. anyway, i must determine who else is forced to take physics period 4 or 7, and what english people are going to do...
vicky, what gym period are you going for?

vicky/bruney said...

WHAT...TEA, I LOVED THE SOCRATES' QUOTES THINY!!!!! BRING IT BACK!!!!!!!!!!!! i found the quote thing very funny...!

ANyway, I'm sick too...atually, my mom thought I had swine flu...but...i don't, just her being worked out REALLLLLLLYYY well for me though as my Dr. wrote me a note getting me out of swimming FOR THE REST OF THE YEAR!!!!!

That math lost me really quick, like, within the first sentence...anyway jackie, i'm shooting for gym period 4, take it with me!

Jackie said...

now you won't get to wear all your different bathing suits!!! NOOOOOOOO!

wow. i guess i got all of you sick...sorry guys....i'll do penance

i'd also like to point out that the words you have for word verification, tea, are very amusing: today's is "depuggly"