July 14, 2009


is preprogrammed cell death. It's like suicide, but healthy.
Anyways, there was a post about it on Mad Scientist, Jr. today, and it reminded me of studying apoptosis during neurobiology first semester.
I totally should have written a section in my portfolio about martyrs and soldiers, dying for the greater good of humanity and whatnot, and compared it to apoptosis. However, I think the suicidal implications might have gotten me turned into guidance again, which would have been a pain.
My neurobiology biology professor (although I'm pretty sure he was actually only a postdoc) posted a bunch of apoptosis videos here. The best one I'm embedding below.

In other news, I came up with a nickname for the techie who makes me trip every now and again (although has since stopped): Gordy. The process behind it is that he is the Formerly Attractive Techie, or FAT. I came up with this while I was painting today, and I smiled a little. Then I heard a loud noise and realized that he was drilling right next to me and that my ass was practically in his face. Oops.


vicky/bruney said...

AGAIN? I had no idea you were turned in to guidance once! can you tell me about this?

Anyway, I think that would have made a great section for the portfolio, you could have talked about how patriotism is abused too!! (ughhh...I just got wayyyy to excited about US honors again, I have to remember it's OVER, although I keep thinking of great topics for reflections...)like for example, how the lake compounce commercials show a bunch of thin white families dancing around but when I actually went 3 weeks ago, the typical person was a morbidly obese minority??!?! interesting hmh?

also, if you would like to read about the court case I've been assigned for govt you can read about it here! i'll give you a hint, the case was over a poster titled "bong hits for Jesus" great hmh?!


Julie said...

spanish is useful in so many different situations!

and you're such a happy person... why would you EVER get turned in to guidance?

Jackie said...

u.s. honors...don't remind me!!!


additionally, the sound effects in that movie were SNAZZY.

Tea said...

well, it's, uh, kind of a long story. I'll post it at some point (it's in my repertoire of english work from 9th grade).

I KNOW. It's like shshssnshoooom. The sound effects are like the ones I make when shaving my legs (my new shaving cream makes really cool squirty noises)

Gretchen said...

haha, niceeee sound effects!!
i agree with julie, spanish is quite useful. well, in a lot of movies they always have some random bits of spanish so knowing what they're saying ,or if they're saying it right, is helpful

it was a great essay from freshmen year

Jackie said...

yeah i remember that essay....it made me cry