July 28, 2009


Hey, Nyx- aren't you glad that this didn't happen to you last year?

Kids on a summer trip to Beijing got quarantined, and some of them actually had swine flu, and they can't go home, and it all just sounds horribly awful. Also, they all had horrible issues with language barriers. If I was there, I would have called Gretchen and tried to get her to explain everything to me, since I wouldn't be able to understand. It seems absurd that this girls parents didn't immediately know someone Chinese who could translate. I guess I've been overexposed.

I wonder if Sam is quarantined right now. That would suck, like, a lot.


vicky/bruney said...

I read a really good book about kinda a similar subject (okay, not really but it was still really good) it's called: Undress Me in the Temple of Heaven

I think this is the shortest comment I've ever left!

Julie said...

first: if they were on a trip to China, why did no one know Chinese who actually went on the trip and could help the students?

second: this reminded me of all the hyped-up worries about swine flu here... whenever anyone gets the flu now people just assume "oh, so-and-so has swine flu." it's crazy. thank goodness it hasn't been bad here yet.

Gretchen said...

ahhh vicky!! i see the picture now!!! you're right, it's adorable :) haha