July 10, 2009

Italian Festival

Last night I went to the Italian Festival with (prepare for a slew of new nicknames) Nyx (who you know), Benny, Ryan, Johannes (like Gutenberg, who invented the printing press to make books *hint hint*), Cormac (you know that's what they should have called the other brother), Lysander, and Nick. We saw Cormac's brother, Cameron, as well. Anyways, I have a whole bunch of stories to share, so I will spread them over the coming days, just like I did with the SHP.

We spent a lot of time just standing around. The laws of inertia and magnetism appear to apply very strongly to them. The will remain at rest unless an outside force makes them move, and they have a mild magnetic attraction to Nyx, since she is the only person capable of making them move. They also had a tendency to split off into groups, with Lysander and Benny vanishing temporarily, which bugged Nyx to no end. And spending any protracted amount of time with Lysander really introduces me to the concept of wing-woman. But he's really not that bad, so I suppose I'll manage.

At one point last night, I was standing with Nyx and Cormac when I saw a familiar face approaching. I tried to remember who it was. A gym teacher, maybe? No, then Nyx would recognize him. As soon as Cormac gave a very friendly hello!, I realized it was our youth group advisor from last year.

"It took me like ten seconds to recognize you," I said.
"Really?" He started counting on his fingers.
Then, Cameron popped up behind him. "Hi!"
"Hey! How you been?" said the youth group advisor.
"Pretty good."
Nyx, who had wandered away, then came back with Benny.
"This is Benny," said Cormac.
"Hi," said Benny. "I want to call you Mark, for some reason."
"I like Mark. Mark works."
"Okay, then. Hi, Mark."
Cameron laughed. "His name is Chad."
I laughed too, since his name isn't actually Chad.
"Should I call you Chad?" said Benny.
"Chad's fine too. It's all good."
"Hmm. How about Chad Mark?"
"Now that is a great name."


Jackie said...

hahaha i totally missed that conversation! btw i think you should post the Johannes/Tawny convo

Tea said...

You were definitely busy staring dreamily at Benny (you weren't doing that, actually, you just weren't paying attention). And I'll post it when I talk about the trip home.

vicky/bruney said...

On a random note, my mom bought me a new phone (after it smashed at your house!!!), it's the same type too because I liked my old one so much. The problem is, my contact list, which I have been developing for YEARS was all erased. I had ~100 contacts (I called about 5 but still!!!!) and now they're all gone! I have to rebuild my empire!!!! And as gretch has told me, if I had a facebook I could just make a thread or whatever it's called about smashing my phone but now I have to go around asking EVERYONE again... :(

Tea said...

awww. poor vicky.