July 20, 2009



without the s

and with an e

instead of a u




i can't type

at all


i can see that


you are the most sporadic conversationalist ever, by the way

you start writing everyday for like, a week

and then stop

and I forget about you, again

and now you're online

and I'm like

"DUDE! he totally stopped talking to me! wtf?"



in my head


well i only write when i have something to say


that's probably a good method

I lack that skill

I kind of just write

and write

and write


i can see that


similarly to how I talk and talk and talk

well, most of the time

not all the time

and I don't know where this sentence is going

of course, it's really an incomplete sentence


I'll just, um, shut up now


that's nice

go on AIM if you want to rant to me




I'm not even sure I have anything to rant about

to be honest

caleb: that's nice

tea:how was ur day?

caleb: boring

tea: ohmy dog is kind of dying and the blood is grossing me out so I've been hiding in my room

and I barely do anything

celeb:...ur dog is KINDA dying?

tea: just, like, procrastinate patent work


last time it happened

he went into remission

maybe he will again

maybe he won't

caleb: cancer?

tea: he was given a month to live a year aho


and yes, nasal cancer

it's awful

bloody nose, everywhere!

caleb:that totally sucks

tea: yeah

that just about sums it up

caleb: how old is ur dog?

tea: 9

or 10

I'm not sure

which is pretty old

for his breed


it's still sad

we've had him since he was a puppy

caleb: yea it is

tea: but to be honest, I'm not THAT sad

shouldn't I be crying or something?

like, I know that I should be sad

so I kind of am

but I'm also kind of like


so then I feel bad

and gahhh

I'm sorry for making you read this


for all I know

you aren't actually reading

just like, half paying attention

caleb: i am totally reading

tea: and oh

I appreciate it

caleb: np

tea: haha

how's your science thing going?

caleb: boringly

tea: aww

por que?

aka why?

caleb: because i sit in an office

tea: ooooh


caleb: and take a water sample once an hour

tea: sounds.....exciting

caleb: for like 8 hours straight

tea: what do you do the rest of the time?

just sit there?

I see how that could get rather repetitive

it may even be worse than gardening

which is what my mom makes me do every now and again


tea: okay

I think I'm ranted out, at this point

thank you

caleb: that's nice

tea: is that your catchphase?

caleb: i think u need some friends

...like some REAL friends

tea: ass

I have real friends

but one's in ny

and one's in ny

for a different reason

and another has a broken computer

caleb: oic

there's no need to be so defensive

i was jokin


tea: I get defensive easily

I think it's a symptom of horribly geeky middle school years

which you don't need to hear about

caleb: thank goodness

tea: and, actually, I think I'll call my friend with the broken computer

so, farewell

caleb: bye

-------end of conversation---------

Is it wrong for me to start conversations with him for the sole purpose of being able to write blog posts about it, because absolutely nothing of note is happening in my own life, so I feel the need to try to dredge something of interest from the lives of others? I don't know.


Jackie said...

definitely not. but next time you should do an experiment: find the most bizarre thing you can say, and see how long the conversation is. which topics last longest?

it's also not wrong for you to end the conversation by saying you're going to call me :)
i like that he said he was reading, not half paying attention! also, if he writes when he has something to say, that means he thinks of things to tell you.