July 9, 2009


My first though is that there is some sort of competition going on (hence the boats from sailing team) and it is very dangerous, but you haven't yet acknowledged that danger (like Harry Potter in book 4). Also, you see that there are problems (like dead bodies under boats), but rather than doing something to fix them, you let others do stuff, while you just do what you're used to. I don't know who Henry is, so I can't help you there. Also, these are 'darker' thoughts, so it's nightime.
Then we have your sister. You love your sister, and are around her a lot, so of course she'll show up in your dreams. That you our flying up high in the glider signifies how happy you are when she is around. The lines signify something (or someone) that is holding you back mentally. It may be your parents, since it's at home. Or, it could be your worried that that house sitting lady will keep you from doing something, or it could be your dog (hence the leashes). Also, the bizarre exercise machine part reminds me of those unelectric treadmills in China.
Actually, I just realized that by glider, you may mean bench or something, because your families speech patterns are different than mine. The jewelry is meant to signify romantic interest, and you aren't sure why or if you have is, and, regardless, you want to get rid of it. The tackle-box shows that the jewelry came with friendship (fishing is outdoorsie, and you associate friendship with that sort of thing), and because you were able to give the jewelry back and keep the tackle-box, you have been able to maintain your friendship despite some initial awkwardness. However, it hasn't totally left your mind, hence the valentines. I'm a stand-in for you, here, where you think that any romantic intentions are a sign of desperation. Also, because Lysander is (ahem) unexperienced, his valentine is like that of a child. However, it's still interesting and unique (every page is different)
Us gossiping about guys is because that is what we do. We did it last week, and I'm sure it'll happen again. Guys are just so interesting to talk about. Did dream me have any good gossip?
I'd already told you about having first day of school dreams, and you probably do think about the first day of school a little bit (at least subconsciously). The not knowing which room appears to be a common theme, since I've had that too. And THAT'S MY PHYSICS CLASS. WHY DID YOUR DREAM SELF NOT JUST GO TO CLASS WITH ME???? You worried that your desire to be prompt and do well in school will interfere with your ability to be a good person. You also think you might miss a chance to help if you don't think it all the way through. I associate trains with the school year, but I don't know if you do. This also sounds a lot like the train in the third Harry Potter video game. You're jealous of Tawny and Benny, but in the end, you know Tawny, and you know it won't be problem.

love, tea


vicky/bruney said...

clap clap clap clap clap!!!! (I don't really know how to make a clapping noise on the computer) that was a really good interpretation....wayyyy better than this questionnaire thingy that (I don't know his nickname but he's the one who cheated for US) sent me. (I guess we're on good standing because he still sends me this stuff, although it wasn't just to me, it was also to a bunch of other people from US and school) ANYWAY, I was expecting one of those fun surveys where you had to put in numbers and it would know your birthday or age or something. This one was sooo lame. You had to put in order animals and colors and stuff and then at the end it had really generic info about me, like you MAY feel compassion towards this person, or you may not... I guess this really doesn't have much to do with jackie's dream, oh well. I tried to do an interpretation but it wasn't that funny so I thought I'd spare y'all...

I'll send you the questionnaire if you want...doing just it doesn't take too long but once I get started doing online surveys, I never stop!! already I've taken a "street IQ test" (scored low, can't you just see me as a gangster though?) a harry potter character quiz (voldy) and a "would I pass the citizenship test" (yes, they assumed I was a recent immigrant...)