July 12, 2009


Italian Festival pt. 3
At a bit past 10, Nyx and I decided that we really should be leaving. We debated calling our parents, but Benny said he'd drive Nyx home, and I lived nearby, so it seemed unnecessary. It took forever to drag Benny out of the fair. He wanted to say goodbye to just about everyone, and he kept running into more people (a note: he is not among those who fear 'man hugs'). To top it off, he didn't actually know where his car was parked, and he didn't have automatic locks, so he couldn't flash the lights.
Very few of the automatic things in the car worked (I had a list, but I forgot it). Despite the iffy brakes, we made it up the hill, and I was home by 10:30. He and Nyx went back to Nyx's house, and she gave him the cupcakes, and they reportedly sat on the wall by the beach and talked for a while before he left. Johannes, however, had his own ideas about what transpired, as evidenced by this facebook chat between Johannes and Tawny (on Nyx's account).

Johannes: how was the ride home lol

Tawny: umm this is tawny not Nyx :):)

Johannes: haha

Tawny: shes sleeping and i know her passward so im stealing photos of myself off peoples pictures

Johannes: oohhh wats up? haha

Tawny: but her ride home was good and they sat outside for a while looking at the moon and I walked over and said hi

Johannes: u know everything dont u! thats nice u know if anything happend

Tawny: nothing did what do you know from benny

Johannes: i don't know anything

Tawny: come onnn

Johannes: thats y i was askin u haha really

Tawny: boring

Johannes: i havent talked to him since he left to drop Nyx off

Tawny: whataboule luysander lysander

Johannes: what u mean?

Tawny: umm nvm

Johannes: no tell me! lol come on

Tawny: whatever she just thought maybe he liked her so she thought it would be awk between lysander and benny and really i didnt say any of that

Johannes: ok idk

Tawny: k good

Johannes: lol

=-------end of conversation--------=

They didn't even say goodbye. This is further proof that Johannes (who took pictures of himself on Nyx's camera) is weird. Also, *ahem* Benny and Nyx, sitting in a tree, etc.

Thank you very much.


Gretchen said...

who are all these people?!?!?!
-from gretch and vicky/bruney

update the google doc

Tea said...

there. all updated.

Julie said...

i thought my western teacher from last year was the only one who referred to "man-hugs!"

Tea said...

(I just gave you a cyber-hug, which is very different from the above referenced man-hug)

vicky/bruney said...

FINALLY! for some reason, your blog hasn't been working on my computer for a few days (hopefully you didn't think I've been ignoring you...) gretch also invited me to the google doc so that cleared up a lot of questions!! Yay Julie for joining (I did kinda encourage you to post when I saw you at the library today) although I wanted to create a more festive name for you...maybe Polymer?? (I name everyone after medical procedures or science stuff...)

Gretchen said...

i had to go through the google doc to find out who julie was...but yay!!!!
hi julie!!!!
can you guess who i am? half my name is in gretchen...

another hint:
how was your violin lesson?

Jackie said...

i haven't been invited to the googledoc! *feeling excluded*
who is julie?

Julie said...

i love cyberhugs!!! and invite me to the google doc please.

i knew who you were, gretch. no worries. i also know who a few other people are when i saw the excel doc at tea's house.

my violin lesson was nice. the teacher (has she got a nickname?) and i had a silly discussion about grocery stores and wasted a bunch of time.

jackie, i have curly hair and was at tea's house with you and gretchen and vicky and avon the other day.

Jackie said...

got it jules!!!
welcome to the interwebs :P