July 27, 2009

Book Sale!

At the library book sale, I bought the following:

Kiss Me, Annabel, by Eloisa James - total bodice ripper, one of those ones where you can open up the first flap of the cover and see semi-clothed kissing people. I'm looking forward to it immensely.

Bridget Jones's Diary, by Helen Fielding. I read so many references to it, I think I should read it.

Ophelia Speaks, by Sara Shandler. It's something of an extension to Reviving Ophelia, so I thought I'd give it a go. Plus, it was only a dollar.

The Queen of Second Place, by Laura Peyton Roberts. The first line on the back is "You know what four words a girl never wants to hear a guy say? You're a great friend."

The Fellowship of the Ring, by J.R.R. Tolkien. It's was 50 cents, and I read so much fantasy that is derivative of LOTR, I thought I should read it.

The Mozart Season, by Virginia Euwer Wolff. It looked pretty. I like music. Perfect match.

Dreamcatcher, by Stephen King. If this is the one Stephen King book that Otis ruined the ending of (and I don't remember which it is) I swear to god, I will steal all his books and cut out the endings.

A Woman of Substance, by Barbara Taylor Bradford, which my Mom said I should read.

Then I went to Barnes and Noble and bought an SAT prep book. I wanted to get Barron's again, since I had thought that they were good for the SAT-II. So, Mom and I went into the store and asked for SAT books. We were shown a shelf that was literally covered in books about APs, SATs, and SAT-IIs. I found the Barron's one, and they had three books: one for the PSATs, one for the SATs, and one thinner book entitled SAT 2400, Aiming for the Perfect Score. The normal one was bigger but cost the same amount, so I wanted to get that one, but Mom was like, no, you've already had exposure, get the good one, so we did.

It is by far the most pretentious thing I have ever read. It contains such helpful sentences as "A word list a day keeps the average scores away!" and goes on about how by getting higher than a 700 on all three parts, you're in the top 5% of test takers, and this book helps, and on and on and on. I feel like they're trying to capitalize on the intellectual insecurities of readers. I think the authors are figuring that the only people who buy this book are really thinking about all that. It makes me feel rather silly, to be honest. I mean, yes, I would like to do well, but I'd rather be able to study without being constantly reminded of the pressure, thank you very much. And, aside from that, I was under the impression that the '2400 hundred club,' as the book calls it, was made of people who actually got a 2400, not just those over 700 on all three parts. I'll still use the book, though, regardless of how silly it makes me feel.


vicky/bruney said...

I went to the book sale too! did you see a couple of days before it started the lines of boxes which 'marked' the dealers spots as the first people in line?!?! That made me really mad because it's a Westport book sale and these people take all the really old books and just sell them on ebay!! SO, I put a large index card over the first box (which said something like "spot #1 reserved for elise) saying "spot #0 reserved for emily, because i'm just that special"!) and then I went and complained to the head librarian.

luckily though, I went the first day around noon (and saw gretchie, phil and his sister (who evidently doessn't have a nickname so i'll call her tracheatomy...) and some bank had a truck giving out free ice cream. AND I found an old Nancy Drew book (1933!!) which seems to have escaped the dealers so I was very excited...(I semi collect these..)

it's weird, lately your blog only works sometimes on my computer...idk why... (the abbreviation is just for gretchie, she told me in govt how much she HATES abbreviations so now I use them whenever possible...)

Tea said...

I went to the one in the next town over, and they didn't have those boxes, which, by the way, sound really weird. That's cool about the Nancy Drew book. I used to read those when I was little, but I don't know what happened to them. And I'm afraid I can't help you with your computer issues, and I'm going to agree with gretch about the abbreviations

Gretchen said...

ugh. freakin hate abbreviations. thanks tea

well when you told us about the ice cream, phil, his sister, and i, our reactions may have scared you. it's cause we JUST got ice cream from basket robbins!!! i mean...ugh

well anyways, i wonder what spot #1 thought when they saw your card

Jackie said...

OMB! I READ A BOOK BEFORE YOU! i read bridget jones's diary, it was really good!!

i feel like i deserve a medal...hehe