July 21, 2009


is a great book. Genie used it for her summer reading a year or two ago. However, she used my copy, so I'm only now removing the post-its. Here are the better post-its. Note the colossal repetition.
  • She sounds like she hates school and can't wait to graduate. I would feel the same way if I didn't have any friends.
  • I like how Melinda thinks of funny names for her teachers. I used to do that with my friends at lunch sometimes.
  • Melinda sounds lonely. I would be her friend, but she's only a book character.
  • I HATE FIELD HOCKEY TOO! --the exclamation point is almost as big as the post-it note--
  • Hasn't she done her homework? She seems to have Enough time to do it.
  • I forget what potpourri is. What is it? Is it a type of food? --No. It doesn't taste good. The only time anyone ate is was in Man of Honor (or whatever the wedding movie with the hot doctor was called)--
  • I think she should join the newspaper for something to do.
  • I think Melinda would have fun in a musical.
  • I think the idea will work. Something good has to happen in this book.
  • Melinda should write the story of her life, quite school, and more to Australia if she hates her life so much.
  • That teacher sounds kind of creepy.
  • I think Melinda's math skills are somehow going to help her find more friends and solve her problems.
  • I don't like algebra, either. It's confusing.
  • Poor Melinda. She sounds really and truly lonely. I feel so bad for her.
  • It's mean that people talk about Melinda behind her back.
  • I like the WOMBATS!!
  • I think she needs to see a shrink
  • I wonder what Melinda will grow up to be.
  • her mom must ba a terrible cook. I feel lucky. My mom is a great cook.
  • This book would make a good TV show
  • I've never studied fruit before. I sounds like it would be fun to do some experiments with.
  • Melinda needs more friends. I feel sad for her.
  • I like David. He sounds cool.
  • There are tons of words that rhyme with wombad. At, bat, cat, frat, fat, mat, Matt, Mat, flat, Aristocrat...
  • I really want to know what happened! when will I find out?
  • she should join the basketball team. Melinda is really good and it's a chance to become friends with Nicole again.
  • The basketball team does not sound very good.
  • I think in the end Melinda will be able to draw/make/carve a perfect tree.
  • I wonder what she means by "if" I grow up.
  • Dissecting a frog sounds GROSS. Some smells (like dead frogs) make me feel like barfing.
  • I'm not surprised Melinda passed out. I would have.
  • Modeling sounds like an interesting career.
  • I feel bad for Melinda. Her family is so disconnected.
  • AH-HA! that's who IT is . ---- ------. Must remember.
  • I wonder what happened with ----.
  • Poor Mr. Freeman! He ruined his painting!
  • I think they should have stuck with the wombats.
  • Melinda needs to go into therapy she isn't even trying to live.
  • Melinda is going to end up in rehab if she keeps going like this.
  • I hate it when teachers wear the same clothes as you
  • I think Melinda should try paper mache
  • I feel bad for Melinda. Her only friend is blowing her off!
  • I liked valentines day in elementary school.
  • I wonder who the valentine is from
  • I feel so bad for Melinda. She should really get some professional help.
  • Why won't Melinda talk?
  • I wonder if Melinda will ever talk again.
  • I wonder if Melinda is ever going to return to her normal life.
  • I wonder why Melinda doesn't want Mr. Freeman to meet her mom.
  • Why is Melinda so intent not to talk at all?
  • Poor Melinda. No friends. No siblings. No one to talk to.
  • I bet Melinda is going to make up with her old friends eventually.
  • Melinda should call her parents. They're probably freaking out right now.
  • She should get some sleeping medicine.
  • I think she is about to tell what happened.
  • Maybe she can't sleep because she's pregnant.
  • Melinda needs HELP!
  • Mr. Neck is sooooooooo MEAN!
  • good plan
  • Melinda needs a lawyer.
  • She should go on a date.
  • Poor, poor Melinda.
  • She really is sick. I would have thought she was just pretending.
  • Melinda should play tennis for something to do.
  • Yay Melinda!
  • Poor Melinda
  • Go Melinda
  • I wonder how the story will end.
  • Good idea Melinda


Julie said...

speak was an amazing book... i read it for the freshman health project.

did you write these post-its or did your sister? the post was a little confusing. i love how they tell the reader (almost) nothing about the plot.

Jackie said...

hahaha the algebra gave me a hint too. also, i like that she says "maybe she's pregnant" when it's like halfway through the book and it's been several months....hahaha

Julie said...

name leak!!!!
just to let you know

Tea said...

I agree. Awesome book. I used Thirteen Reasons Why for the freshman project, which is also a pretty awesome book.

and I THINK Genie wrote them, because I remember telling her to use it as a summer reading book, but, then again, I'm pretty sure I remember using it as a summer reading book and writing some particular comment about the artwork. It looks like her handwriting, but mind used to look kind of like that. I'm pretty sure it was hers, though, because I love algebra.