July 6, 2009

More Books (and a little embarrassment)

I think that embarrassment should be spelled embareassment, because having a bare ass would be embarrassing.
This morning, Mom had Kerry and his landscaping buddy over. I talked to Kerry for a couple of minutes, but there were these little gnats flying at my face, and I started panicking about being afraid of bugs and pretty much ran away. It was awful.
On the upside, I did manage to finish two books today. First, I wrapped up Ender in Exile, by Orson Scott Card. It was just as fun and exciting as everything else Card has written, so no surprises there. Then, this afternoon, I read To Catch a Duke, by Eloisa James, and it was every bit as enjoyably awful as it sounds. I have a large portion of my heart that will be forever devoted to godawful regency romances. This one was as wonderful as always, with lots of romantic confusion, horribly exciting arguments, witty dialogue, and gratuitous sex (there's a reason I used to have to sneak them past my mother).
Anyways, all in all, it was a good day.


Jackie said...

there was something i desperately wanted to post and be the first to comment so that everyone else could reply, but of course now i can't remember what it is. grrr. i'll probably remember at 11:14 and be like, oh well i'll do it in the morning, and then forget again. it might have had something to do with my un-date, or maybe tawny's boyfriend, or ARGGGH who am i kidding i have absolutely no idea. let you know when i get a brain wave. this is sufficiently annoying to make me think about it obsessively....what WAS it?

Jackie said...

i cannot believe this
i actually remembered!

what if lysander and avon dated?

just putting that out there.

Tea said...

this idea intrigues me.

Gretchen said...

who is lysander!!!

vicky/bruney said...

ditto with gretchie there!