July 11, 2009

The Ferris Wheel

Nyx hates ferris wheels. She is not afraid of them, but, for some strange reason, she absolutely loathes them. However, Cormac took it upon himself (with the support of Benny and I) to get Nyx onto the ferris wheel.
Cormac failed. Nyx is, after all, an extremely stubborn person. At the last minute, Nyx ran away and Benny chased after her, leaving behind Ryan, Cormac, Lysander, Johannes, Benny's little sister, Benny's sister's friend, and I. Rather than trailing Nyx (which I have been known to do) I stuck it out, granting her and Benny some quality time. Fortunately, I managed to end up next to Cormac, across from Ryan, and diagonally across from Lysander. Ryan and I both sat with our legs over to one side so there was absolutely no physical contact. I think our knees bumped maybe once (translation: they did bump once)
Johannes got stuck with the two little girls. Ryan yelled over at him, "Johannes, you're such a Dad right now!"
"No, dude, I planned it like this," he said. Lord only knows why he would do such a thing.
"So, how's the phone search going?" somebody asked Lysander.
"Oh, pretty well. I sent a text message offering a two hundred dollar reward."
Ryan looked shocked. "Seriously?"
"Well, I actually just said 'reward if found,' so I wouldn't actually have to cough up the money."
"Is the phone actually worth two hundred dollars?" asked Cormac.
Lysander shrugged. "Probably not. But it's my phone."
As we neared the top, I looked over to the stage. Everyone was leaving, and I'd missed my sister singing.
Cormac looked down as well. When he saw someone carrying a large stuffed animal, he remembered a joke he'd attempted earlier. "Imagine seeing one of your teachers here, carrying some huge prize."
"Imagine if Mrs. V was on this ferris wheel. That would be a safety hazard," said Ryan. I didn't laugh. Fat jokes are a) rude b)disproportionately directed at women, and thus sexist and c)remind me of Livny (it's a type of russian pig), who always told them about the other orchestra teacher during biology.
I can't really remember anything else from the conversation, but I do remember enjoying it, and I definitely talked some, because I remember Ryan laughing at something I said in this way where he seemed to think about it a moment, understand it, and then decide that it was funny, as if the little comment truly deserved to be laughed at. I feel like that happened more than once, but I can't remember anything I said for the whole ferris wheel ride.
When we got back down and found Nyx and Benny, we discovered that, because Johannes had made them hold his popcorn, they hadn't actually been able to go into the funhouse, and had instead wandered around aimlessly for the duration of our ride.

an aside: check out this link.


Jackie said...

a type of russian pig! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I ACTUALLY AM DYING OF LAUGHTER!!!! i'm calling him that from now on....

additionally, you and ryan? i like it....congrats to your comment at passing the funny test.

Jackie said...

additionally, i love wikipedia right now. we should totally show that to livny.

Gretchen said...

haha, i read the first paragraph in the wikipedia article...nice

who is ryan? ugh. i always have no idea who these people are save for vicky, jackie, yourself, myself and mario....

but i hope the trip to the italian festival was overall enjoyable :)