July 29, 2009


Aren't you all glad that my fascinatingly imaginative subconscious is acting up again? I had this one at four in the morning last night.

It was the last day of school. I was with Nyx, and she, for some reason, had to talk to one of her teachers, so I was walking with her. There was some point thing on her report card (it sounded like the middle school point system, kind of) and she had to go talk to one of her teachers. She had 128 out of a possible 130, and I remember wondering if I had done better than that, but, because she was older, she knew and I didn't. Also, I wanted to talk to Dr. Verona, my ASR teacher for next year, but I didn't know who he was.

Then, Avon and Vicky showed up. When Avon heard about Nyx's thing, she immediately started worrying that her points were also messed up, so went with her. Vicky came with me to the third floor. We went up the stairs that are near the Continuing Ed. office. As we neared the top, we could see all the science teachers walking in the other direction. The orchestra teacher, Mrs. Kilmer (the one I actually like) came up behind us and told us to go around somewhere. Vicky and I decided that we didn't really need to see the science teachers, so we left. Also, Vicky's hair had the texture it does when it's wet, but it had a glowing color worthy of a shampoo commercial.

We went down the stairs, and they morphed into ones that looked like the double flight that went from the 5th grade hallway to the cafeteria in the elementary school Nyx and I attended. They were very crowded. As we turned to go down the second flight, Mario, who had been coming up the stairs, caught my hand. Vicky was pulled down the stairs with the rest of the crowd, and Mario released me.

"Oh, hi, bye," I said. "Have a nice summer."

"You, too. I'll see you at SHP next year."

"Yes." I nodded, and Mario went in for a hug. I was a little bit surprised, but went along with it. When we hugged, his shirt changed from white to gray and he got a bit taller, so I couldn't see his face as well. After a suitably brief hug, I started to pull back, but his arms were still closed, so I closed mine again, and then he started to pull back, but my arms were closed, so he closed his again, and then I unsuccessfully tried to untangle myself one more time before just giving in and staying there. We both laughed.

"So," I said, jokingly. "When should I be letting go?"

His voice changed, becoming harsher. "Yesterday."

"Huh?" I was confused. He was all flirty, and now he wasn't, and, aside from that, we hadn't been hugging yesterday, so the comment didn't really make sense.

"Let go. Now." His voice was firm.

"Oh," I responded, a little bit hurt, and extricated myself from his arms. Dora then came up behind me.

"Tea!" she called.

"Dora!" I squealed, and we hugged. Mario and everybody else was gone.

"I'd stay and talk, but I have to catch my bus. Bye!" she said.

I stood there for a moment before remembering that I had to catch mine as well. I went to chase after her, but she had already vanished. I emerged from the cafeteria stairs into the entrance hall of Paperclip High School. Nyx and Avon were standing there. "Nyx!"


"I have the most embarrassing story to tell you."

She laughed. I looked out for my bus, but they'd all left. I had missed my bus.

Then I woke up. I felt more distressed when I woke than I felt the time I woke up in the middle of explaining to Peter's mother that Peter was dead.



Gretchen said...

haha, paperclip high school!!! that's great...
umm...i guess you're missing mario a little too much? inside you're afraid of rejection. you don't care too much about the whole point thing since you left with vicky. you like to tell embarrassing stories to your friends. and you often miss the bus.

i don't know. jackie is better at these things...

Tea said...

hmmm....a distinct possibility, although I hadn't really thought about him much that day, just a brief thought of "if he hasn't responded to my fb message by now, he's not going to, and probably doesn't care, or like me, or anything." Speaking of Mario and fb, what the fuck happened to his?
I don't can't care about the point thing particularly much, considering that I haven't the foggiest idea what it is. I don't miss the bus very often.
The embarrassing stories part is, sadly, very very true.

Julie said...

i got the same vibe from your dream as gretchen did... you're really confused about mario/your love life. you miss him and are afraid that, i guess, he will change and all the possibilities you imagined for the both of you (represented by the hug scene) will be for naught; if you let go yesterday, you would never have been hugging in the first place. avon acted exactly like she does in real life. and missing the bus shows that something has distracted you from what you are supposed to be doing (which is what???)

mario's weird fb status updates showed up on my news feed... apparently someone has his password. now why anybody would give out their password is beyond me.

Tea said...

People can also use computers to hack them, which Tierra likes to do sometimes. Gretchen's got hacked last year. She sent out these links to what I assume was a pornographic webcam in reverse alphabetical order to all of her fb friends. The funniest part was the response.
"I think someone hacked your fb..."
"I clicked on the link and HOLY SHIT!!!! Don't do that!" or something to that effect.
"Someone DEFINITElY hacked you."
"You got hacked. Just thought you should know."
and my personal favorite, from the minister's son "I don't think my dad would want me to click on that link."