August 17, 2009

All About Me

This is a powerpoint presentation I made in 4th grade.

1. My Family
-My dad is an architect. He loves to ski.
-My Mom takes care of my sisters and I.
-Genie is my sister who is in second grade.
-Shelby is my sister who is in kindergarten.
-Rufus is a friendly three year old dog.
-Flossie is a shy and sweet six year old dog.

2. My Favorite Special Is Art
-I enjoy painting.
-I like making things out of clay.
-It's not too tiring.

3. My favorite animals are dogs.
-I have 2
-They are really fun
-They are comforting

4. My Hobbies
-Bike Riding
-Using the Computer

5. My favorite Book is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
-I like fantasy a lot
-It really gets into the characters personalities
-It has a lot of funny bits

6. My Favorite Sport is Softball
-It's Fun
-I don't do too much running
-I can practice with my dad

7. Thank you for watching my show!
I hope you enjoyed it.


Gretchen said...

i have enjoyed it very much

vicky/bruney said...

I found an old ppt in my y-drive I made while in elementary school, it was on turtles though (btw: for anyone who did not know, I was obsessed with turtles while in elementary school...) it was really funny, basically, it lacked any content and was a bunch of slides with clipart turtles flying around the screen...

Tea said...

@Gretchen: I am very glad.

@Vicky: Haha