August 12, 2009


When the highlight of your day is that the cute boy who was working at the blueberry farm smiled at you while your mom paid his boss for the berries, you know that your life is far too unexciting.

Also, we're pretty sure the neighbor's oldest kid isn't actually there, so they're probably only about fourteen. Damn.


vicky/bruney said...

no that's okay, I was super excited to go school shopping for a week now and when I got to staples (the appliance store) they had yellow 5 star notebooks which they've never made before and I was REALLY excited! I also got notebooks in light and medium blue, light red (NOT PINK!) and purple...that just about made my day...

Gretchen said...

haha, well what made my day...hmm nothing

so feel special

well i get to see he-who-has-half-my-name and his sister tonight...ems finally got the new power stretchers so there's a drill