August 28, 2009


This morning, we ordered Genie a computer. It is shiny, and actually better than my (not that I don't love you, beautiful, speedy baby) own, mostly because it's memory and processing rate and whatnot is just two years faster. Even better, it comes with a free ipod touch and printer, which are valued at $399 total. Big savings. Yay Apple! Even if it will be a 'family' ipod touch, I can still get excited about it.


vicky/bruney said...

Lucky! I thought to get the free ipod you needed to be going into college...

When I got my new macbook last year I tried to convince the workers there that I had just been accepted to Cornell U but I don't think the believed me. They said I needed some proof like a college acceptance letter... oh well, I had an ipod touch already, I just wanted to give it to minicoop for his birthday so I wouldn't have to spend anything on a gift... (nice sister, right?)

Tea said...

We called a customer service rep (Christopher, who had an accent like he was in India or Bangledesh) and he said that being in high school was absolutely fine.
also, see you in the library the first day?