August 30, 2009


Tea is attempting to e-file a provisional patent. Why, oh, why must our government make everything so confusing? Seriously, if I teenage prodigy like myself can't figure it out, the process is far to complicated (Submitting a patent qualifies me for teen prodigy status, yes?).

First day of school tomorrow. I already have my outfit selected and my backpack packed, and my mother has subjected me to a form of slow torture known as eyebrow control, in which she attacks my face with tweezers, I try to hide, and my sisters argue over which of my eyebrows extends further towards the middle. Apparently, my eyebrows have been preventing me from living a successful life.

Memo to friends: meet in the library, same as last year. I repeat, meet in the library.

See you soon!


vicky/bruney said...'re definitely a prodigy...the patent is for the mushy battery thingy right?

sorry about the eyebrows...although I just came up with the WORLD'S BEST nickname for know that brand of cakemix called the "Barefoot Contessa"

see, it's real:

well that should be your nickname, because you walk around barefoot and minicoop likes to call you contessa...see it's PERFECT!!!

and I left you another humorous Mario-Starbucks encounter on gchat...I don't know why I always end up seeing him there...this time I was less awkward (because I didn't speak to him, but still!)

Bubble said...

that's hilarious, MY mother is sitting ON my bed right now blabbering on about MY eyebrows as I type this out.


Jackie said...

perhaps it does, but the misuse of "to" kinda demotes it a little...

wow. your eyebrows are ravishing, tessa. don't listen to them!!

Tea said...

Jackie! Name leakage!