August 15, 2009


I have received my first hit from a search engine, by someone using the term "webdings pencil." I feel so cool, as well as well integrated into the fabric of the web.

In other news, my grandparents are visiting at the moment, so whenever we go on the boat, we can't go faster than like ten mph, which is really boring. We did manage to get ice cream anyways though. When we were going into the harbor in the boat, four boys who looked like underclassmen in high school were jumping off of a boat dock into the water, and they waved at us. On the way out of the harbor afterwards, we pulled over to their boat house and asked if we could jump off of it. They looked ready to say yes, but their Mom yelled "No!" so we didn't get to. It was really quite tragic.

Also, we went back to the blueberry farm today, and I noticed that cute-guy-who-works-at-farm (who did not smile at me this time) has about a zillion ways of telling people to move down the row they're picking, from shimmy on down to shake on down. It begins to sound like some strange new form of dance.


vicky/bruney said...

question: did you purposefully put 3 Os in google and I'm just not understanding the symbolism or was it a mistake?

And blueberry picking sounds fun, the closest I got was going to Trader Joes and picking out the nicest looking bag of freeze-dried blueberries...they stain my teeth and lips all blue though...