August 10, 2009


Today, my sisters and I were sitting around and playing crazy eights when we looked out the window.
First, we saw some ducks. We then made a Duck Song, which goes something like this:
I am a duck
*quack quack*
I can swim fast
*quack quack*
I am a duck
*quack quack*
quack quack quack quack quack.
This is accompanied by Genie doing a dance with lots of extra shimmying.
Then, we went back to crazy eights. Shelby was down to her fourth hand, and I was still on my first. We looked out the window again, and there was a stranded person on a hobey cat, paddling along. First we argued about his age (we're going a bit stir crazy, and Shelby in particular is missing the boyz) and eventually decided he was around Genie's, then we decided to find Dad to ask him if he'd offer the boy a tow. Then we went down to the dock (where Dad had actually been the entire time) and Genie yelled over to him, "Are you stuck?"
"I'm good," he called back.
So he didn't get a tow. Then we heard noises on the other side of our dock, and looked over. The neighbors were playing on the next raft over from their house. These neighbors have three boys, but I have yet to actually meet any of them.
Report to come.


Jackie said...

i love that you guys still play crazy eight countdown, despite it taking forever....and i am looking forward to that report. there were many hot guys at the waterpark today...on our first ride, the lifeguard who was semi-hot hopped on our tube with us (me, mraz, and her friend) because his shift was over. his legs were on top of mine....hehe'd better investigate!!