August 13, 2009


Oh my goshness. You will not believe who I saw at Dartmouth. Actually, on second thought, you totally will. On my list of people who would be looking at colleges right now, he's one of the top ones. Anyways, I'll give the rundown of the tour first, and you can wonder about who he is until I reach him.

First thing this morning, the whole family piled into the car and we drove about forty minutes to the campus, then Mom took the car and parked and the rest of us went looking for the admissions center. We found it fairly easily, and I, of course, immediately went looking for the bathroom. As I went looking, three different people pointed me in the right direction without me even having to ask. It was so nice and friendly (dontcha know). Then we went up the stairs and went into a room for the orientation/talking part. A Chinese woman (and I say she was Chinese because she said that she majored in Chinese, not just using Chinese as a euphemism for Asian. I suppose, for all I know, she could have actually not been Chinese, and just studied it, but most likely...) who looked a bit like Bette gave this whole talk about how Dartmouth works, with the classes after Sophomore year taking place during the summer, and four ten-week terms during the year, of which each student takes three, and study abroad programs for credit, and internships for students, and faculty availability, and on and on and on about all of this awesome awesome stuff. Shelby was bored out of her mind, but I thought it was all fascinating.

Then we went outside and formed tour guide groups. Two girls and two guys introduced themselves. The first one was a neuroscience major, the next was also a neuroscience major, and he was on the ski team. The other guy was majoring in Geography, and then the last girl said she studied math and computer science and played piano in a chamber group. When they told us to break into groups, Mom poked me. "Where to?"

"Math major!" I said, walking over there. The geography major called after us, "where are you going? You don't want to join my tour?"

"I let her pick," said my Mom, and that was that.

The tour guide began by asking us to warn her before she walked into anything, which she often does, and I pretty much liked her from there. She talked more about the school, and the classes, and the good food, and the diverse political leanings of the student body, and that New Hampshire is a swing state, so political candidates come through, and there are GRAND PIANOS (OMG) in practice rooms for whoever wants them, pretty much, and the science facilities are great, and undergrads participate in research, and performances at the art center, and so much else. The one thing I don't like is that 55% of the population is involved in the Greek system, and she said that during fall of sophomore year, when that 55% is rushing, it sure can feel like a lot, but one you remember that there are plenty of other people who aren't involved, and that all Greek events are open to the public, it's really not that bad. Anyways, I know it's freezing all winter, and the social scene may not be perfect, but I love it. The whole school. Right now, I want to go there rather badly. I hope I don't fall in love with every school I visit, because I feel like that would be a bit of a problem.

Oh, anyways, after the tour, as I was leaving, I saw Boris. "Tea!" he said.

"Boris!" I responded.

"Tea was in my math and science research class last year," he said, slowly, as usual. Then our parents talked for a bit, (Boris was a rowing camp! And we just had to stop by!) his mom seemed nice, but he spent the entire time inching away towards the door. Maybe this means he'll stop trying to talk to me. After he was out of earshot, I said to Mom. "That's the guy who talks really slow."

"Oh!" said Genie, "I remember him."

"He seemed like he wanted to get away," said Mom.

"Yeah. Pretty much. It's funny, cause we're generally pretty friendly, I just don't like him very much."

"You don't?"

"He's irritating."

So anyways, I saw Boris, and I still find him irritating, and I saw Dartmouth, and I loved it.


Jackie said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. so, in a nutshell, that tour guide is you in like, four years. that geography major must be so jealous...

i'm very disappointed it was boris, because i was hoping you would say it was mario. but boris is probably more in the comedy genre than the romantic comedy genre, so at least it was funny!! and yes, i laughed out loud.

my word is: pessest

should that be pronounced like "possessed?" with like, a new york accent - pizzest?

or is it just a shortened version of pessimist?

p.s. i'm home. my chess game is tomorrow - wish me luck!

vicky/bruney said...

so I see him and I say "Hi Mario!"


short second of awkward silence

V: "Mario, did you know that there's a picture of you on a snack machine at the YMCA?"

M: " saw that? yea, I was a lot younger there..."

and then, being the great friend that i am a threw your (Tea's) name into the conversation

V: "I told Tea and she thought it was funny"

M: what? told tea?
"that was not a good picture of me!"
he was definitely all embarassed because he's truly in love with you...

aren't i a good friend?
the whole conversation was only slightly awkward!

I playing matchmaker here btw...
ps: on your next train smooch session (aka SHP) don't mention to mario that i retold this conversation to you..."

Tea said...

Boris was funny. And we know it wasn't Mario because Vicky saw him at home. If it was Mario, I wouldn't have been able to contain myself, so it would have shown up in the beginning.

As far as the chess match goes, grind him to dust.

and you already told me that, Vicky. So he didn't make you explain why you'd told me in the first place? And I haven't seen this picture, anyways (well, I may have seen it a while ago, but that was before I knew Mario). I'm going to make you repeat that conversation in person so that I can tell precisely how everything was said, I think.

vicky/bruney said...

hey! that's weird: I had a whole intro paragraph about how I already told tea and gretchie but thought that jackie and julie might be amused by the mario encounter...i swear, your blog is haunted tea! a while ago some random word was written at the end of a blog comment...maybe minicoop is messing with my computer...

Tea said...


stellar grammar, by the way.

Gretchen said...

brunhilda!! what did we say about repeating stories on blogs?!?!
i'm so disappointed in you.

my word is patiledi. kinda weird but cool

Julie said...

i just got back from a weekend away but cracked up loudly at vicky's mario conversation. that was the best matchmaker attempt i've ever heard or read about. and plus, it wasn't awkward because you never said anything you weren't supposed to know.