August 16, 2009

Old Friends

Shelby spent most of the week calling her friend from last summer, trying to get her to come visit. She finally did, today. This girl is extremely fond of King of the Raft, in which everyone tries to shove each other off. Shelby and her friend spent a good deal of time pushing, then they turned on me, so I did my best to fight them off, but still ended up falling in twice. Then, after they were both in at the same time, I said to Genie, "this was a lot more fun when we were wrestling the guy from last summer."
"Yes," she replied, "Him and all his muscly muscles."
The friend heard this, and told us that said boy "and his really hot friend" spent time at the beach last summer saying the following rhyme:
"Have you seen my beachball?" (flex arms over head)
"It's about this big," flex in, around belly-button.
"And it went that way," gesture with one arm pointed out, the other bent.
"or maybe that way," switch directions.

We were in hysterics for a good few minutes.