August 3, 2009


written on spiral bound notecards from god-knows-when. (middle school, I think)

How do people get green eyes?
How do people get red hair?
Why are some people so good at puzzles?
Is there such a thing as a professional puzzler?
What is bigotism?
Who can I get to answer these questions?
Why do computers make so many mistakes?
Why are some teachers better than others?
Can good teaching be taught?
What do the 3 recycling answers symbolize?
What does Hallelujah mean? Why does it have so many different spellings?
Why are some lights brighter than others?
How do the genes work for different hair textures?
Why are grades so important?
How do electric keyboards make noise?
How are shoes made?
Why are some of the lights different colors?
Why is the earth round?
Should I override into Honors Biology?
How does a Punett square always work?
How is a punett square made for height?
Who is right, Discover or my science teacher?
How, exactly, are albino's genes different?
Why are some people more stubborn than others?