August 4, 2009

Honors List

Today, Gretchen came over, and we decided to combine our interests in gossip and academics to produce: The High Honors Predictions (Wood Knocking Enabled). This is also an opportunity for me to come up with lots of fun nicknames.

First, the top fifteen, also known as: Our Wonderful List, by Us.
1. Bryant, the somewhat smarter twin.
2. Tybalt, the other really smart twin.
3. Yuma, the Asian boy who likes to say "um." He is here because he is smart, and we like him.
4. Clara, who played Clara in the nutcracker and did very, very well on the math midterm and plays violin. We needed a girl on this list.
5. Julie. Because she is Julie.
6. Mario, because we like him more than
7. Livny. How we wish that he was stupider.
8. Brian. His first name is Avon's last name.
9. Jeff. Tierra is obsessed with him. However, he has taken a lot of journalism, which might pull down his GPA, but whatever.
10 and 11: Tea and Gretchen. Because we are awesome.
12. Avon or Natalie. They have the same first name, and we aren't really sure.
13. Sonny. The taller of the two workshop boys from Avon's elementary school.
14. Ariadne. Her dad gave a speech to our math class.
15. Nyx, because we love her. She's pretty good at school, too.

It'll be interesting to see if any of this rings true after another year and a half.

Also, I've been taking art classes at the art center in a nearby town. My teacher has a porno-stache, and it creeps me out a lot.


Gretchen said...

wait...who's clara?? i thought it was julie...

i think we put natalie in the final version, but avon was in the original one.

nice. like the name Yuma

Julie said...

i think these names need clarification. example: who in the world is clara?

vicky/bruney said...

i'm just going to pretend that i was #16 and just didn't make it to the final list...

(and yes, I am finally back from AustriaPragueViennaLondon (and it turns out Germany for about 5 mins...)

Tea said...

WELCOME HOME!!! Did you eat any schnitzel while in Germany? (that's the only German food I know. At least, I think it's German...)

And I don't know how to clarify clara. Um....she plays violin? or did I say that already? She's dark (I'm not sure what ethnicity) and very small.

vicky/bruney said...

OMG I FIGURED OUT WHO CLARA IS!!!!! aren't I smart? Maybe you guys should add me to the list?!

if i'm right then her name kinda sounds like the name of a brand of computer
a mac
a dell...
which is it?

Also, I did try schnitzel, approximately one bite, and it was pretty's either Austrian or German, then again a lot of Germans live in Austria so whatever...

Tea said...

vicky has guessed correctly.