August 1, 2009


The plumbing in my bathroom, my sister's bathrooms, the living room powder room and basement is out. Although my Dad has not yet determined why, we still aren't allowed to so much as wash our faces in this half of the house.

When I was taking a shower this afternoon, the toilet, which I hadn't even used, started bubbling. Yes, that's right, bubbling. It sounded exactly like the bubbling noise I managed to produce using a small stack of notecards held between the pointer finger and thumb of my right hand last week. It totally freaked me out, and I actually stopped mid-shower and stared at the toilet for a while (it bubbled a couple more times, then stopped). After I was all dried off, I went and told Dad. He attacked the toilet first with a plunger, then with some odd contraption known as a 'snake.'

At first, we thought my cousin had flushed a tampon, which, due to our old, decrepit pipes, always stops everything up. However, I got her phone number from Shelby's cell, and Mom called, and she said that she doesn't even use tampons, so that was out. The new theory is that my other cousin, who is mentally disabled, flushed half a role of toilet paper at once. Regardless, I'm going to go walk across the whole house and brush my teeth now. Then, when I wake up at 4 am after a weird dream, which I inevitably will (last night, my cousin's girlfriend got the schnazziest engagement ring), I'll have to traipse over to the offices just to pee.

Oh, what fun.


Gretchen said...

hmmm...not sure what to say...