August 30, 2009

Oolong Tea

When I googled different types of tea, oolong was the first to come up. Isn't it an awesome word? Oolong. Ooooooolong. Oolong!

Boo-yah! Another search engine hit! This time, the query was "what is sneaking around in spanish?"
The answer was, of course, not present on my blog, but that's the searcher's problem.

Yesterday, Gretchen and I went to see The Time Traveler's Wife. It wasn't awful, but it certainly wasn't great either. It was good enough that I cried at the end (Gretchen didn't).

This morning, Genie, Shelby and Mom sorted through the bin of stuff Genie didn't want that she'd given to Shelby. Shelby barely liked any of the clothes (This shirt is so high cut!), so Mom eventually got annoyed. I managed to snag a new black skirt-perfect for the school concerts I no longer participate in. Eventually, they got mad at Genie for throwing too much junk in the bin (I don't want expired toothpaste!). I went outside to do my forced 45 minutes of weeding before the fighting could escalate.


Jackie said...

yamaha went to see that movie. he said it was awesome. he also asked if i was jealous that he'd gone with another girl. (this was a few weeks ago.) now he is back to asking me out again. fortunately, i now have my homework to shield me....