June 10, 2009

"Anything is possible if you only try hard enough"
"that's right. If I tried to grow six fingers, I could grow six fingers"

My arena time is 12:50, first day. Definitely favorable.
I saw Mario this morning, before first period. He was standing outside of one of the learning centers, short-friend-who-thinks-he's-gangsta in tow. As I walked post, he looked up.
"did you see the arena times are posted?"
"seriously? where?"
"great. I have got to see those."
he said, and started down


vicky/bruney said...

I WANT MY STORY BACK!!!!!!! I'm very jealous that not only did you get yours back but that you also got an A+, if I don't, I'll be verrrrrrrryyyyy disappointed...!!!!!

I know that this has nothing to do with your post so, sorry...

in other news, my chem final index card is due tomorrow...any suggestions as to important formulas I should put on it?

Jackie said...

hmm you should tell him what classes you're hoping to take so maybe you can take some together!
@vicky: PV=nRT, P1V1/T1 = P2V2/T2. i'll let you know if i think of any more.
today's fire drill was hilarious. just saying....tim and i were having a chem sesh during chinese, and we walked outside for the fire drill still comparing answers to an old test, and come across Papa Swordfish's entire period 7 class, who all have the actual chem test with them and are sitting in the parking lot working on it. i rofld'd. but not literally.

the kitten's claws are getting sharp...he made me bleed today.

also, here is babelfish's translation of my french story:

There was a parrot Who lived in Marseilles It had a desire for the chocolate And a profusion of naivety. One day, the parrot saw Three canaries, which required of him: “Hello, Parrot! What do you want? ” And he answered, “the chocolate! I would like it! ” The canaries consulted each other And then, they said That if the parrot ate the chocolate It would be surely finished. But the parrot, like the subject of a doctor, With desired a second opinion. Thus, he neglected the canaries And it flew towards a nice lily. “What do you think of chocolate? ” The parrot said to the flower; He retorted: “I am a flower, I do not eat it! Beauf! You thought that j' was an expert?” “Not, not,” he said, “j' stays right speculating If you knew where I can find Chocolates, white, milks, and blacks. ” But the flower said to him that it did not know where, not afflicted. Their conversation was surprised By an owl, which stopped, carefully: “Parce q' a dog donot can eat it, A parrot do not have to eat chocolate. ” “I do not believe you! ” the parrot exclaimed. “I must eat it! I would like it! ” And it flew far from the owl, Seeking for a fourth idea. Tired, the parrot stopped On a rock in the center of a pasture Where he heard a doucereuse voice Who seemed to be very very wise. “Which are you? ” the parrot said Curiously, because it could not See (no matter what it tested) From where returned the voice. “I am a cat,” answered the voice When a cat appeared, saying: “The chocolate is good, does not have fear! Because the seeds are so boring! And then it proceeded to inform the parrot Where it could discovers Chocolate boxes That it could opens. The parrot found the chocolates And then, he ate still and still. Finally, it could not move Because he ate too much cocoa and sugar. Then, the cat reappeared, this time With a friend, and they laughed Because of the motionless bird Before jumping on the parrot. But the parrot, suddenly, With become aware from what passed Magiquement, it was extremely And towards the sky, it went up. And, it has never eaten chocolate forever since.

Tea said...

that's so annoying how we couldn't find it. And I don't mind the off-topicness.

and I'd say jackie's story is completely hilarious

Gretchen said...

one day of school left!
*dreamy sigh*

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