June 3, 2009

Flag bomb up finger pencil

I don't actually have anything OMG! worthy to say, but I really wanted to use the webdings for speaking purposes. Actually...
Hello! I'm writing in WEBDINGS. Actually, it turns out tht OMG! is really ear, sunrise, monument, spider, but really, who cares?

returning to normalcy, now.
I'm trying to think of what interesting things occurred today. Hmmmm....
In ASR, which is basically a free period at this point, Theo, Adrian, Kerry and Garrett found a 'bullet' from Adrian's A.P. assassination gun that had been previously lost. Sam then had the genius idea of rigging up the smart board to have a target, then throwing the dart at the board to make marks. Unfortunately for almost everyone involved, Garrett has inhuman dart throwing abilities, so it wasn't much of a contest. Boris threw a fit because the objects being thrown weren't tethered, and according to the A.S.R. rules, all projectiles must be tethered. He was, however, overridden by Dr. Breese, who found the entire situation hysterical.
We played football on the turf field with our socks on, and Berk, who does have his funnier moments, devised 'bowling,' a game in which ten of the guys line up like bowling pins and he rolls a football at them. When it touches the person in the front, all ten fall over on top of each other, moaning dramatically.
After gym, I left my sweatshirt, bag, and lunchbox in the cafeteria and went to pick up my yearbook, as I left, I saw, immediately in front of me, Mario. I bounced forward with a cheerful "Hi!" and other portions of our brief conversation are recorded below.
T: Hi!
M: Hello. How are you?
T: *thinks for a second* pretty good, thanks.
M: You got a yearbook?
T: Yes
-brief small talk ensues for about 10 feet, until the cafeteria comes into view-
M: Oh!
T: yes?
M: Do you know what lunch spanish has?
T: Um...
M: It's first, right?
T: Third.
M: Really?
T: Really.
M: oops. I guess first was last month.
T: Yeah
-it actually wasn't, but I didn't have the heart to tell him that-
M: bye
-Mario does a complete 180 and heads towards Spanish, for which he is already late-


vicky/bruney said...

Awwww...I tried to write the whole thing in webdings but it won't copy and paste in!!!!!!

Wow!, if I was more science-y I would absolutely take ASR, it sounds awesome! Or maybe I’ll just steal your mushy battery project? Poor Mario, he seems pretty confused, I wonder what his end of quarter rubric will look like this quarter. Since Opmin evidently does not like Socrates maybe he’ll overly quote Aristotle instead… In other news, I have been nominated by my Italian class to represent all of Italian level 2 in the annual culture wars (yea…some people do actually have faith in my ‘intelligence!’) So now I have to go memorize 500 questions about Italian culture. Pretty much, the answer for all of them is either, wine, cheese, or Parvotti.

Tea said...

Well, if those don't work, just wave your arms around a lot and go on about how bella whomever you're talking to works. Good luck!