June 29, 2009

Small Children and Facebook

This morning, I showed my cousins my facebook. First I pulled up the homepage, and explained that it was kind of like email. Then I checked my notifications, and there was a picture of Gretchen on there, so I clicked on it. May (who is 8 years old) looked at it. "Is she Chinese?"
"Oh," she said, nodding. I then clicked over to my sisters wall, on the post I'd sent yesterday, and Kat (who is 10) wandered over.
"Watcha doin?" she asked.
"Tea's showing me her facebook."
"This is Genie's wall. Do you want to write anything?"
They did, talking about Kat's new drum set and how obnoxious they thought it was. Then we went and wrote on other cousins' walls.
To a girl two years older than me: Kat says, "whatup? you missed a great vacation. I got a great new drum set that's sparkly and silver and big and loud." May says, "how's your boyfriend doing? he has really long hair."
to that girls one year older brother: Hi. How was your trip home? Kat says "I GOT NEW DRUMS!!! How's your girlfriend?" May says "she's like up to your chin because she's so short."
to another boy, a junior in college: I'm sitting here with kat and may, and they both wanted to talk to you. Kat says "you're so obnoxious. I got a great awesome new sparkley big and loud drum set." May says "All Kat's talking about is her awesome new drum set that she's only allowed to have for a year because she's borrowing it from her friend. Say hi to your girlfriend."
Then they just sat there for a minute.
"Do you want to see anything else?" I asked.
"Can we look at pictures of your friends?"
"Sure. Who do you want to see?"
"Hmmmm...." said Kat. "How about Mario-y"
"You want to see Mario?"
"Okay, okay." I went to his profile.
"Oh my god," said Kat. "He's hot!"
"What?" I said.
"He is!"
"Can we see more pictures of him?" asked May.
"Sure." I clicked open on his photos (there are only eight of them, fortunately)
"Why's he all dressed up?"
"He went to prom."
"Did you go to prom?"
"I already told you I didn't."
"Why not?"
"Because I'm not a junior."
"And he is?"
"Then how come he went to prom?"
"Cause that girl asked him."
"Is that his girlfriend?"
"I don't know, I don't think so."
"Are you going to prom with him next year?" asked Kat.
"Um, I don't-"
"You should ask him out!" said May.
"Yeah! Ask him to see a movie or something."
"I can't just-"
"Yes you can. Just call him and ask."
"It's not that easy."
"Is too!"
"It's be weird. I haven't seen him for like a month."
"Maybe next year, alright?"
"Okay..." said May. "Do you know anyone else who went to prom?"
"Uh, yeah. This is Tierra," I said, going to her profile. "That's a picture of her at prom."
"She's not very pretty. Do you think she's pretty?" asked Kat.
I turned and glared at her. "Excuse me?"
"Well, she's not the prettiest person in the world, I don't mean that she's ugly or anything."
"It's still mean. And she's perfectly nice looking!"
"I guess so. Can we see more pictures."
I sighed. "Sure." I pulled up the pictures of Tierra at prom. "That's a girl from math team. I love her dress. And that's the boy who asked Tierra."
"Is that her boyfriend?"
"No, they're just friends. And that's a girl who color-codes her closet."
"That's weird."
"Yes it is."
"She looks prettier in this picture."
"Thank you," I said.
"Can we see pictures of you, now?" asked May.
"Yeah, sure." I started clicking through. When I reached the one of Gretchen and a girl who went to China with Nyx, Kat turned to me and said, "You have a lot of Asian friends."
"Um, yes. I do."


vicky/bruney said...

Hahahaha...my mom thinks I have a lot of asian friends too!!!

"It's be weird"
jeez, you really are speaking in olde english! that's like shakespearean right there!

who color codes her closet? sounds like something Gretch would do! gretch and I had an interesting conversation today in govt (which, BTW, was a lot of fun!) in which it was revealed that gretch has masses of knowledge on various historical and painful ways to die. In addition we drew pictures of guillotines, nooses, and other punishments for a project where gretch would not let me use blue for the water-boarding picture b/c the title was in blue...
the four hours went by really quickly and we tried to find someone to ask about when the report cards are coming out but the school was deserted...

Gretchen said...

no, it was cause there was already blue underrrr it so that would be too much blue
yeah, the office was scary looking...
when are you getting home tea?

Tea said...

I'll be home wednesday afternoon. I'm taking a train by myself for four hours. And gov. sounds like fun. It's probably way more fun than my gov. class will be next year.

Jackie said...

oh man my nine year old nephew has a facebook and he added me as a friend...is it morally wrong to reject him on the basis that children that young should not be selling themselves to cyberspace?

and your cousins are right tea, just ask him!! just keep in mind that it can't be as awkward as my non-date with lysander....