June 27, 2009


The waves here are very very big. Sometimes, they are bigger than me. In the scheme of things, they probably aren't actually that huge. They are too small to surf in, after all. However, they are still large. My cousins do, however, manage to body surf. This involves bobbing up and down until a large wave comes along, then, when it tries to pull you under, paddling full speed towards shore until the wave sweeps you up and throws you around for a few seconds, slamming you into the ground repeatedly.
Needless to say, it isn't particularly fun, but the guys love it.


vicky/bruney said...

You knowe what really ads to fun in the waves? A SHARK FIN!!!!!! Biopsy never broughte one in for gym...!!!!! And I love wave jumping and boogie boarding, what I don't like is still finding sande ande stuff in my ears and other body parts days later...!

BTW: this is in the style of "Tea Imitation Olde English"

Jackie said...

hahahaha i like the olde englishe.

i've discovered that if you use google talk, it automatically organizes the contacts in your chat list using this algorithm:
1st. by frequency of chatting
2nd. by status (available, idle, busy, offline)
3rd. by alphabetical order.
So if you alter the chat window's size you can determine who you talk to the most. For example, if i reduce the chat window so that it only shows one person, that person is Tea (listed as t-pain. i guess we've been chatting a lot lately...). By increasing the chat window from there in increments of one person, I have determined the top 13 people in my chat list and now i am going to answer the questions about them that Tea did for her top 13 blog peeps.
so here goes:

Jackie said...

1. Tea
2. Kiwi (my sister)
3. Fueghiela (I’ll have you know I spent about half an hour trying to find her nickname on this blog and I couldn’t figure out who she was so this is her name. She’s the only person who has the capability of making me very angry even though we’re good friends, and yes there is a logical explanation behind the bizarre medieval-parody name).
4. Taffy (my neighbor)
5. Richard
6. Avon
7. Vicky
8. Celine (Taffy’s sister in the Coast Guard)
9. Siren (my older niece)
10. Fuchsia (my younger niece)
11. Sunny (my friend in Florida who I met on the China trip)
12. Gretchen
13. Francisco Bizarro (boy from bike club whose name rhymes with phallic. [you know I had to write that for sheer entertainment, as opposed to metallic….])

How did you meet 4?
don’t remember. She was probably about a day old, and we probably hugged/hid behind our respective mommies in fear.

Something about number 1?
she owns this blog. She’s also awesome. Additionally, she’s a good writer.

What would you do if 2 and 4 dated?
first of all, that would be over Taffy’s dad’s dead body, and second of all, Kiwi would get so irritated by Taffy’s impossible-to-break good mood that things would fall apart in about five seconds.

Have you ever seen 1 cry?
yes. Watching star trek.

Tell me something about number 11.
She is possibly the bubbliest person ever. She’s also great for guy advice, even though she’s got about as much experience as I do…haha

How long have you known number 8?
my whole life?

Would you date number 4?
And if we both turn into lesbians then it’s a rhetorical question, but that’s very unlikely.

What do you think about 12?
She works too hard. But she’s got a really interesting, unique perspective on life.

What would you do if 5 confessed they liked you?
Say suck it up, we’re great friends. What more do you want?

What does 3 do for a living?
sells study guides and does random other stuff like teach kids after school.

Would you ever live with 2?
I already do…and I totally would.

Is number 4 single?
no she is not.

Where does 6 live?
Sniffen Road, same as my employer…

What do you think about number 3?
Difficult question. We are great friends but things get rocky sometimes because of her irascibility and my ignorance of that irascibility.

Fact about number 9?
She is followed by a boy who looks like Harry Potter to some extent.

What's the best thing about number 2?
She provides relief from my parents and my social life increases 15-20% when she is home. She’s often the first person I talk to when I need to talk to someone.

What's your best memory with 4?
So many. When we were kids and brought all of our toys and dolls outside to play house, and while it was “nighttime” and we were sleeping, I made my doll Rosebud sleepwalk and grab her ankle and freaked her out. Watching “Ze End of Ze World” over and over again and laughing harder each time. Going sailing with her and Celine and having them both fall off. Going to compo in the red wagon with all of our siblings. Writing everything we were gossiping about all over my windowsill and then dying of laughter when we found out my mom read it. Me laughing all the way up the stairs of her house, so hard that I didn’t even realize she tried to jump out and scare me, because she got a letter from “a post.” Her putting her poop in the sink when we were being babysat, thinking, “Hmm I dunno where it goes but it’s gotta go somewhere!” and having the babysitter get really mad. Her, me and Celine making a music video to the song “International Harvester” and acting like tractors and yelling out, “CHUGGALUGGALUGGIN FIVE MILES AN HOUR!”. Stumbling past the yellow restaurant on the beach pretending we were drunk, with Celine singing I’M A STEAMROLLER BABY! AND I’M STEAMIN’ ON DOWN THE LINE at the top of her lungs. Trying to use a garbage can to get on top of the pavilion at compo. Me dropping ice cream boxes twice and her being like, oh look out, here comes Jackie! without even having to turn around. And many more….

Jackie said...

Best physical feature for number 12?
She has shiny hair that’s cut in a really neat way.

What do you think about 7?
Her weirdness is awesome, topped only by the accompanying creativity. Also we need to hang out soon.

Does 1 mean a lot to you?
Yes. More than a thousand sunsets.

Have you ever kissed number 4?
Not that I remember.

When's the next time your going to see 2?
Really late Sunday night.

Is number 5 pretty?
he’s kinda cute. I wouldn’t use the word pretty to describe a guy, except in the case of pretty-boy, which would not apply to him.

What was your first impression of number 13?
Why did he say goodbye to me instead of Taffy?…then later when I actually knew who he was: he’s so friendly. But he keeps saying I’m weird.

Have you seen 10 in the last month?
yes, at Siren’s graduation party.

When was the last time you saw 1?
We hung out on Monday.

Have you ever been in 4's house?

When's the next time you'll see 10?
when I have multiple days off in a row.

Are you really close to 13?
I kinda wish. We seemed kinda close but I haven’t talked to him in a while. Since Tuesday. But it feels like a while.

Have you ever been to the movies with 12?

Have you ever gotten in trouble with 2?
yeah. Many times.

Would you ever hang out with number 1?
Never. *dripping sarcasm*

What do you and number 6 talk about the most?
u.s. history and retarded self-proclaimed doctors.

Do you even know 9?
Well duh. She’s on my chat list! And she’s my friggin niece!

Would you give number 5 a hug?
Have done, will do again.

Would you ever go on a date with number 13?
Probably. If he would stop chasing after Taffy first. Is it coincidental that this question is asked about the only person I might say yes to? Or is there just a conspicuous lack of guys on this list?

What is the best thing about your friendship with number 2?
We can’t really break it. Family ties.

What is the worst thing about number 9?
She is a beast at Scrabble and I haven’t ever beat her.

How long have you known number 5?
I don’t know how long I’ve known him. We’ve been pretty good friends for about a year though.

Does number 7 have a boyfriend/girlfriend?
Not that I know of. But that Snuffaluffagus might beg to differ…

Have you ever been a co-worker with number 12?
She helped out at my save-the-tigers fundraiser!

Have you ever wanted to punch number 11 in the face?
Definitely not.

How did you meet number 7?
gym class, this year. (keeping tea’s answer here)

Did you ever accidentally physically hurt number 10?
Signs point to yes. Probably.

What is the best memory you have with number 2?
OH jeez. I’d have to say the entire trip to the Galapagos.

Do you live close to 13?
Within reasonable biking distance, but not that close.

What is number 3's favorite food?
Kung pow chicken, possibly.

Who is the most flirtatious?
Numero 13. Not so much anymore though.

If you could change one thing about number 1, what would it be?
She needs to not run off to ocean city.

Say something nice about number 6.
She’s great moral support.

Which ones live the farthest away?
Well a lot of the time it’s Kiwi, but right now it’s Sunny.

Which one do you hang out with the most?

Who is the loudest?
Taffy and Fueghiela.

The quietest?

What kind of car does 4 have?
One that needs a new clutch.