June 16, 2009


This is written during my ASR final. It took me an hour, because Boris kept distracting me.
Stupid Boris.

I walked down the hallway, giggling to myself. As I entered the cafeteria, who did I see but Mario, sitting at a table in the freshman section, eating an omelet, friend who thinks he’s gangster in tow (I have got to come up with a nickname for that kid).
He waved, and I waved. I debated walking past and leaving it at that, but I decided I should at least talk to him. I walked over. “Hi, Mario.”
“This is going to sound kind of weird, but your portfolio has typos.”
“Well, I was reading your portfolio, because you had totally stolen my topic.”
“You did physics?”
“No, science, actually. Well, science classes.”
“Okay. You read mine? Did you like the jokes?”
“Yeah, they were funny. Actually, on mine, I only have one joke, but I put in something saying, oh, at least I only have one joke instead of a whole page.”
“Yours has jokes, too?”
“Only one.”
“So where was this typo? Was it in the first section? The second? Wait- was it in the jokes?”
“Well, um…”
He looked at me.
“Well, we found some reflection thing, and, well, we spent most of the time going ‘haha, Mario said “breasts”’”
Gangsta boy snickered, and Mario looked at him. “That does sound like something I would say, doesn’t it.” He turned to me. “The one with the really long title?”
“Long enough that I couldn’t understand it.”
“Well, I only really wrote one reflection. What did you think of it?”
“It was, um, interesting…”
“I was busy laughing at the word use.”
“So what were these typos?”
“Well, I caught three of them.”
“Were they noticeable?”
“It was the first word.”
“Really?” He leaned over to the trash can and tossed his plate and the remainder of his omellete.
“Yeah, you said I when you meant it.”
“Oh no. And Opmin has probably already read it.”
“Vicky said that she hadn’t.”
“Good- wait. When was this?”
“This morning.”
“Yes! You said there were more.”
“Yeah, the one I said before, then one where you put women and beautiful in the wrong order, and one more. I can’t remember the last one though.”
“Alright. Thanks.”
“You’re welcome. I should probably get to science.”
We paused for a second.
“Did you finish your paper yet?” he said.
“What paper? There’s a paper?” Did I miss something for U.S.? AAAAhhhhhh!
“The ASR paper.”
“Oh, yeah, I finished it a while ago.”
“You did.”
“Yeah, Breese had us write them a while ago, back in, like, April.”
“That’s lucky. Mine’s not done.”
“I suppose, but I switched my topic in, like, April, so it was kind of a pain.”
Mario shrugged.
We paused another moment.
“Oh, do you want a cookie?” I asked.
He turned to gangsta friend. “You want a cookie?”
Gangsta boy shrugged. “Nah.”
Mario considered it for a moment. “I can’t pass up a cookie,” he said, and stood.
I laughed and pulled them out of my bag. “Here. They’re chocolate chip.”
“Thanks. They look good.”
“I made them myself. Also, I really need to go to science now.
“See you later,” we both said, at exactly the same time.
I left, carrying my cookies. As I reached the end of the ramp, I saw Carly, from my math class. “Do you want a cookie?”
Then, I saw my grandmother. “Cookie? I keep giving them to people, and I think I’m going to run out soon.”
“Well, you can’t ignore your grandmother.”
I kept walking, and then I saw Ginny. “Ginny! Cookie?”
“Thanks. What do you have.”
“ASR. Walk with me?”
“Sure. These are good.”
“Thank you. I even added the right amount of flour this time.”
“Good job. Do you normally not?”
“Well, last time I only added a cup, and they were kind of flat. Oh, I am going to be so late to science. I was talking to Mario, and I go sidetracked, which I, erm, tend to do…”
Then, I saw Nyx and Avon. “Hi! Nyx! You know how yesterday I was talking to Vicky about Mario, and we were all, omg! Typos!”
“I told Mario!”
“You did not.”
“I did!”
“You’ll have to tell me more later.”
“Okay. Bye!”


vicky/bruney said...

Hahahahaha...you have the best Mario stories...I was so surprised when he came over to me in the caf and knew my name!! (then I realized I must be the topic of some of your conversations (or train smooching sessions, whatever you want to call them...)
So basically, here is the summary of the dream I was telling you about earlier
So, Mrs. Artska, your art teacher, is in some big empty chorus room somewhere, it was probably a performance hall but I don't know...
She was a lot younger and thinner though, she had really long hair, as long as that music teachers, and she was wearing a dress made entirely out of those quilted pants that she always wears, you know which I'm talking about, the multicolored square patched pants...and the dress was really weird in that it was basically a tube top except the bottom was so long that it dragged everywhere she went. only it was really stiff too so it looked like she had some sort of weird corset on.
Then, she started singing, but, for some reason, you were lip-syncing from the background? And then this guy, who looked like a strange combo of the pillsbury dough boy and the michelin man walked out and he started playing the drums on Artska's head...and I can't remember anything else, pretty interesting though, hmh?
and good luck with the patent lawyers...!


Tea said...

ha. ha. ahahahhhahahahahaha.
up until lip syncing it's kind of weird, but doughboy/michelin man is hilarious!!!
and yes, I've brought you up regularly. It took a few times before he knew who I was talking about, though.

avon said...

okay well im a bit confused with all the names and such so you're going to have to fill me in...
BUT I CAN"T FIND MY SPANISH STUDY GUIDE (for the final tomorrow)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so if you get this PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE pretty pretty please email me a copy of the study guide!!!!!
im freaking out.
thank you soooooooooo much!!!!

Tea said...

Avon, you have clearly lost your mind. I lost the spanish study guide almost as soon as I got it.

Gretchen said...

tea had a study guide? wow.

i hear these stories from you in person but they're so much funnier in type