June 20, 2009


I've been 'cleaning' for the past hour, but I keep getting distracted by the cool stuff I find. My journal is now covered with adhesive glow-in-the-dark planets, and my leg is sporting what I like to call "ballerina mash-up." It's a statement about.....um.....the destruction of childhood dreams upon encountering an adult body (I learned that in Rediscovering Ophelia today).

These are each the first sentence or two of my vacation journal entries from the summer after 6th grade.

Costa Rica, August something
The plane ride here was terrible.

Today's horsebackride was boring. Pretty much, we just walked. And walked. And walked.

only a single word must be used to describe the worst thing about Tortuga Lodge: bugs.

later that day
dinner was umm.....interesting.

yesterday was actually pretty fun.

This was definitely the best place we stayed yet.

Thursday, in CO
camp was a total bore.

--end of journal

complain? who, me?


vicky/bruney said...

hahahaha...Don't worry, if I kept vacation journals the complaints would be wayyyy worse, for example, if I had a vacation journal, this would be what it would have said for our trip to Israel

Day 5:
I threw up in the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, I accidently deface the Christian religion again...(well, I actually just felt really sick there, the puke was in the nearby bathroom...)
Day 6:
It is too, hot, I insisted my family ride the cable car up to Masada b/c I was too lazy to hike the ancient path
Day 7: The salt from the Dead Sea stings when it gets up a certain orifice
Day 8: They make me cover up my legs when I go into the old synagogues as a sign of respect, it's really hot and I like wearing shorts.
Day 14: Plane ride back: 10 hours of hell....

And it was an AMAZING vacation too! you should see the complaints for a bad vacation

Jackie said...

this is my vacay journal:

day 1: finally get to relax!
day 2: pool party! i totally owned at knockout...
day 3: fall off my bike and deface my face instead of the christian religion, spend rest of day wishing family would visit some other time.

so we can all complain together!