June 4, 2009

A.P. Assassination

Well, it's a good thing that Nyx and I didn't go for a spontaneous walk on the beach last night, because there was some creeping going on on my street. Clark, in my music theory class, was assigned to kill Aqua, my neighbor.

His first attempt was yesterday afternoon. He hid in her yard, but could only see legs and feet clearly. He saw someone in a white skirt walking down the driveway. When they began skipping, he jumped out and shot, certain that nobody but a teenager would skip. However, the skipper in question turned out to be Fae, Aqua's mother. She was terrified at first, but after she realize that it was someone in A.P. assassination, she calmed down, and politely asked Clark to come back when Aqua would be home, at such and such a time.

Clark's next plan was to surprise her in the morning, before she went to school. He drove down at two or three in the morning and climbed into what he thought was Aqua's car, which was unlocked. He fell asleep after a while, and finally woke up when Fae and the dog climbed into the car. "Oh!" she said, upon seeing Kevin. "It's wonderful how you're trying so hard, but Aqua uses that car."

Despite her help, however, Clark did not succeed in killing Aqua. She made it to her car without being shot, then saw him.
"Hi Clark."
"You trying to shoot me?"
"Well, you're a lot more into this than I am. You can just shoot me, if you want."
So, Clark was the first person in this round to assassinate his target.

To complete this post, I leave you with another Spanish translation, this one of Harry Potter, who is played by Natalie. Avon is Hermione (of course), and I am the narrator and Draco.

Narrator (N): This year, the school Hogwarts, of magic and spell making, will have a championship between the four houses. It will not be like a quidditch competition, with seekers and chasers. Instead, the students will use enchantments and magic.
Harry (HP): Hermione, please, help me! I don't know how to prepare a solution for shrinking and I need to make it for the competition
Hermione (H): ¡Ay ay ay Harry, why did you not learn how to prepare a solution for shrinking in the class of potions? This magical solution is very easy.
Draca (D): I don't need the help of a girl who has dirty blood because I have the help of a phenomenal professor of Potions that is called Professor Snape.
H: Leave, Draco! Harry, you only will need a part of a magical creature, like a unicorn, and the feather of a big bird.
HP: I already bought the feather of a special bird when I went to the Flowing Cauldron the previous week. But I have a foot of a giant spider in place of unicorn.
D: With my magic wand and the correct ingredients of a solution of shrinking, I'm going to win this competition of magic.
H: The magic of Harry is stronger than the magic of you, Draco.
HP: Yes, I am going to practice my magic and I will win this magical competition.
N: Then, Hermione and Harry go to the Flowing Cauldron, but Draco follows.
HP: ¡Look, Hermione, delicious frogs of chocolate! I want to buy them.
D: I saw that Harry bought the frogs of chocolate, and I went to the store of articles of pranks. I bought something I could use to pull a prank. We will see who has the strongest magical abilities in the competition tomorrow. I'm sure that I will win against Harry Potter.

(Draco leaves)

H: I think that Draco will use the Dark Arts in the competition.
HP: I know some counterspells that can protect me against the Dark Arts of Draco. Don't worry yourself.
H: You need to practice for the tournament, Harry. Gryffindor is not going to win without you. Obtain your cape of invisibility and we can visit Hagrid in order to learn about the magical creatures that you will fight in the competition.

(The two leave and Draco enters)

D: ¡Harry Potter no would not compete in the tournament if he were to eat his frogs of chocolate!

HP: I have hunger, but I also have the championship in few minutes. What can I do?
H: Here, Harry. Eat the frogs of chocolate.
HP: Thanks, Hermione.
N: Harry took a bite of the frog of chocolate.
HP: AAAhhhh! My teeth, my teeth! I hurt my teeth and I have a magical ailment!
H: The frog has turned into a rock! I need to make a spell in order to repair your mouth.
HP: I feel well. Now, I can compete in the competition.
-The End-


vicky/bruney said...

HAHAHAHA....I love "frogs of chocolate"... and the plot is great...I love how the frog of choco turns into a rock

you could always make it into a musical!! If you did you could have the song "Chocolate frogs of Rock," it would be AWESOME...i suppose i could help choreograph if you need help (although you are in music theory class...you could probably handle it...)

geez (yea i know it's with a j...but this is like hiemlech, it has been 'emilyfied') , is AP assassination taken that seriously??? I'm definitely going to do it...aare you?

Tea said...

thank you for the love. I love to entertain, after all ;)

me, choreograph? Now THAT would be interesting.

and of course, although I'm sure I'll be shot within an hour.

vicky/bruney said...

no way, you'll definitely be the winner, that, or it will be a showdown between us and then we will all break out into song and pretend like we're in HSM!

Gretchen said...

wait, i know who aqua is but you said clark and kevin so i'm not sure who that is...