June 9, 2009

Guess what!

I'm still working on my End of Quarter Rubric and Portfolio!
No way!
I guess that means I won't be getting an eloquently written sliver of the divinity that is Tea's illustrious, fascinating mind.
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I suppose you'll have to get over it ;)
I did, however, reference this blog in my Portfolio. I wrote the following paragraph as my entry slip for Mrs. Opmin:

Yes, I have a blog, no, I will not tell you where it is, yes, I have readers (three of them! (Vicky, Gretchen, and Nyx)), and no, I divulge absolutely no incriminating personal information, so it's perfectly safe. This evidence includes two posts, one from March 4th, and one from April 22nd. I realize that you could quite easily find said blog by googling, but I'd rather if you didn't (although Vicky wanted me to tell you that she came up with your nickname which is Mrs. Opmin, which is short for Oppressed Minorities, all by herself). I chose to include sections of my blog in this because it demonstrates that I think about the issues we discuss outside of class, and that I've taken a somewhat more active interest. Having the blog has changed the way I think, to a certain extant. I remember conversations better, in case I have to later reproduce them. I also look at current events and newspaper articles from a perspective of "do I have anything to say to this? what?", even though I don't always end up writing anything. The first post shows my changing perspectives of advertising, further emphasizing the same points I made in my second quarter EoQR.

Yes, I think Mrs. Opmin will be thoroughly entertained.
Oh, and I saw Mario TWICE today! Big news, no? The first time was after gym. I was walking with Kathrya, and he was going the other direction and staring intently at the ground a few feet in front of him. As we walked past, despite the lack of eye contact, I said, "hi, Mario."
He looked intently a few feet higher up, as if he may have possibly heard something, but decided that he hadn't and resumed staring intently at the ground approximately three feet in front of him.
"Is deaf...." I finished.
Kathrya looked at me and laughed.
"That was rather awkward," I said.
"I know! I hate it when you say hi to people and they don't hear you."
"Yeah, it's like, one time, I was walking down the hallway, and Dr. SeaUrchin was a little bit in front of me, and Julie was about 6 feet in front of me, and I yelled 'Hi, Julie!' but she didn't hear me, and Dr. SeaUrchin laughed."
Kathrya laughed, too. It's good to see that I get good milage out of my embarrassment.


vicky/bruney said...

hahahaha...hope Opmin likes the nickname that I created for her!
muahahahaha...I caught a typo IN YOUR WORK!!! you said "extant" instead of "extent" who knows their (I actually used the wrong there but then I caught it...) grammar now?! (probably still you b/c I didn't use a comma in this entire thing...in fact, I bet that the comma is the least used key on my keyboard...)

here's quick story about something that happened today. So, after after eating lunch with you I went to the 'newspaper' room (you know what I'm talking aout...). Period one is when 'bridge' class is being taught in that same room which, I guess, is kind of a class for underschieving/ kids who need academic help...anyway, so I walk in, just thinking I'd look at the budget and update the subscriptions, when Mr. (nickname pending) says,

"Oh...Vicky! You're amazing at math! come here!"
Honored but confused (I don't know where he got that notion...probably from me doing basic addition in my head) I walk over and, evidently, this freshman in algebra 1 had a math problem which stumped everyone in the room, here's what it looked like "in the equation y=mx+b, what does 'b' represent'
I told them that it was the y-intercept and now they think I'm a math prodigy ( that was a little exaggeration but, w/e...)

did that story make any sense?

Tea said...

hahahaaaa. yay vicky! and I'm going to go fix that in my actual rubric now. oops.

Jackie said...

Haha i think you messed the names up, because Urchinsea is definitely NOT a doctor. I feel as if we have a higher education than him, actually.

Congrats vicky on becoming a math prodigy! Now you can take AP Calc with us!!!

also, i looked at the comic you told me about Tea, and i've decided that this one ultimately was made to describe you: http://xkcd.com/324/
because i can totally see you doing that.