June 19, 2009


I am far to sleepy to think, at the moment. I did manage to start my summer reading though; I decided on Reviving Ophelia for my nonfiction book. I've already read two chapters (yay me!) and so far, it's very good.

Anyways, here comes an essay, from 9th grade English. It's supposed to sound like something Bitzer from Dickens's Hard Times would say.

Pool. 25 meters in length. 6 Lanes. 4-foot deep shallow end. Deep end descends gradually to twelve feet. Water is heavily chlorinated. Chlorine prevents the growth of mold and bacteria. Creates a strong smell. An allergy to chlorine causes hives. The pool has two rows of flags. Flags mark ten feet to the side. Prevent swimmers from hitting their heads when doing backstroke. Pools invented by ancient Greeks and Romans. Used for recreational, fitness, and competitive purposes. Common safety procedure is moving no faster than a walk and remaining in ones own lane. Disorder can be dangerous. Pool is heated to a warmer temperature, preventing hypothermia. If the pool was outdoors and unheated, it would freeze.

Insightful, no? Speaking of pools, mine is now open. Maybe I'll go swimming tomorrow...