June 17, 2009

Tripping Tea Strikes Again

This morning, before my Spanish final, I was walking up the stairs. My foot caught on the edge, and I tripped forward. I looked back, hoping nobody had noticed, and that my skirt hadn't flown up. The guy behind me said, "Don't worry, nobody saw."

Except him....

In other news, the waiter at the restaurant we went to for dinner looked eerily like Lysander, only different, and with a possibly fake Italian accent, and no glasses. It was utterly bizarre.

Also, we had a pretty awesome impromptu party at my house; Ginny, Tierra, Dora, Avon, Nyx, Vicky, and Gretchen all came over, although Nyx didn't get there until almost everyone else had left. Regardless, it was a fun time.

I hugged Opmin during my last day of U.S. History. I was like, "this year was awesome, can I hug you?" and she went "Okay!" so I did. Horribly exciting, no?

Also, I might as well share a story from U.S.

I was sitting in my quartergroup with Emma, Joanie and Charles. Emma was talking about going to college, and how she wanted to go to University of Florida but that, since her sister (who is currently training to be a sex therapist) hadn't gotten in, wouldn't either.
Joanie responded with, "Well, was it a target school, or no, because it makes a difference."
and Rachel immediately butted in.
"Don't say that!"
"It's rude and cruel."
"Look, Rachel, I said a target school, it wasn't anything interesting."
"I told you not to say that!"
At that point, Charles mostly just looked confused, and Peter and I were cracking up.
"I have no idea what word you're talking about."
"Retarded. You said retarded."
"She didn't say retarded, she said target," I said.
"No she didn't." She looked at Peter and Emma for agreement.
"She definitely did not say-"
"STOP SAYING THAT!" Opmin interrupted.
"I didn't say anything in the first place," grumbled Joanie.

Oh, Rachel. In the beginning of class, Michael pulled out a pair of large silver headphones and put them over his ears. "These are great," he said. "I can't here Rachel at all!"

My table, at least, was in hysterics.

Also, there are suspicions that the gatorade was spiked. Charles was drinking it, and he said, "Wow, this gatorade tastes funny."
"It's blue gatorade, what do you expect?"
"No, I mean, it doesn't taste normal. Don't drink it, okay?"
"I wasn't planning on it."
"I'm serious. It's spiked or something."
I gave him an incredulous look. "Whatever you say."
A few minutes later, Daniel turned around.
"Charles," he said. "I think the gatorade is spiked."
"I know, dude. Weird." He turned to me. "See, it's corroborated. Don't drink it."
"I already said I wasn't going to."


vicky/bruney said...

hahahaha...I really considered hugging Opmin but then I decided I just was not to comfortable with hugs in general, although I had a very funny email chat with Opmin...mostly discussing lead poisoning through cookie jars, the use of 'G-d' and how I think I will be smited if I use 'God,' and how I can come in and harass the new US students next year... it think it was kind of the equivalent of a virtual hug, no?

what time did jackie finally make it to your house?

Tea said...

5 minutes after you left. Also, I remembered something else funny, so I'm adding it to the post, fyi

Tea said...

I hugged her, and then, after I broke the ice, a couple of other people did. But I also hugged my English teacher and my science teacher, and I would have hugged my music theory teacher if she wasn't sick, so yeah, hugging, not really a problem.

Jackie said...

wait...what's a target school?

and was the boy who saw cute?!

also, i think it would be difficult for the cookie to absorb enough lead to poison you.

my word is faucleo. sound familiar?

Tea said...

a target school is a college that you want to go to, where your scores and grades are normal for their graduating class. And no, he was not.

Jackie said...

please post =)

vicky/bruney said...

here's my sched!!! I got EVERYTHING I wanted with only minimal begging and degradation of myself!
1. Pre-calc
2. Italian 3
3. AP Econ
4. Gym
5. R&L
6. Adv. Jour.
7. Physics
8. AP World

can't list teacher names here due to blog rules and I'm to lazy to make up nicknames so sorry peoples! Gretch, sorry about not doing AP Econ per 1. but before arena I realized it would ruin the rest of my sched...BUT, I got mr. pretzel!
My guidance counselor was also the most bleak and pessimistic person ever! She was like (when I came over to her table 'distraught') "There is no possible way that you will ever get this teacher for physics everyone wants him, you will HAVE TO, switch, AP world AND pre-calc!!!!" and I was like, "ok, whatever, I'm staying 'till 2:00!" and then, after 4-5 more stops by the science table, they finally gave me the teacher!!!!! Same situation with Italian...!
OMG, I'm sooo happy, just be persistent, to the point of annoyingness if need be, don't settle for another LOCOFOCO!

how did your sched turn out Avon, you seemed to be having a lot of probs...?

Good luck everyone!, that was the most stressful thing but, IT'S DONE!!!!

Tea said...

I have nothing with you, but that was to be expected.