June 5, 2009


10 hours until SAT. I'm going to go to bed now.
But, just to keep you from getting bored....
I discovered my final planning from Western last year. I'm pretty sure that we got to pick our own topics, because I wrote about the effect of the French Revolution on the Catholic church, and I'm pretty sure that I'm the only one who would actually care.
Basically, before, it was the official state religion, just like the Robin is the official state bird of our Connecticut. After, it was more like the Robin was a really well liked bird, but without the official stamp of approval, and if it were to chirp at us, we wouldn't be obliged to listen.
The Declaration of the Rights of Man, which is like the Declaration of Independence, but with a less catchy title and even more sexist phrasing, espoused religious freedom. The Civil Constitution of the Clergy said nice things about tolerance, originating the CCC, the primary rival of the slightly less tolerant KKK. This constitution reassigned bishops. I believe that this is a process similar to castling in a chess match.
Then, came the National convention and the reign of terror, which basically took the Catholic church to the guillotine, as well as making a ten day week and confusing the crap out of all the workers, who were especially disgruntled about having a seven day work week. The high level of church bashing, coupled with the severe difficulty involved in actually locating a Sunday in the new calendar, diminished church membership greatly.
Then, Napoleon put all the little pieces back together, like all the kings horses and all the king's men, only more successful.


vicky/bruney said...

hahahaha...these are soooo funny...I think they are my favorite bits...and TEA how can you say no one would care about the "effect of the french rev on the catholic church" to your one and only faithful reader???? that sounds just like something i'd love to write about for US! only with american history...or something totally random which has no connection to US history...

GOOD LUCK ON THE SAT!!!! i'm sure you'll do amazingly!

vicky/bruney said...

whoa!!!!!!!!! you totally revamped your site!!!! I think i like it!!!