June 28, 2009

Report Cards

It's been, like, a week, and I want mine, so I called my mom and asked for my code and whatnot, and she gave it to me, but report cards are not yet online. How annoying.

In other news, I have a spent-all-day-reading-in-a-beach-chair tan. My shoulders and chest are burnt, my tummy and legs are somewhat tan, but my back looks as if I never even went to the beach. It's rather comical, really.


vicky/bruney said...

Hey, at least you get tan. When I went to Florida during the February break with my cousins, my mom packed me 9 bottles of spf 10000 (ok, that's an exaggeration...) sunscreen, and forced my aunt to make sure I applied a heavy coating every 15-20 mins. I still came back with the imprint of my bathing suit on my shoulders...!!!! the burns have something to do with my having red hair. maybe my hair is just so bright an attractive that the sun bounces off of it and lands on my skin????? You should research THIS in ASR instead of mushy batteries...it's wayyyyy more exciting than lighting up the world!