June 26, 2009

Vacation Thus Far

I was walking into the restaurant with my Uncle. He asked me if I like school, and I said that I did smiling.
"You know, you're really blossoming."
"Blossomed?" I responded incredulously.
"Yes, blossomed. Expanded. Opened up. Gotten happier."
I grinned. "I suppose." It was nice to know that the increased confidence I felt was also showing.
"You know, you must have a boyfriend hidden away somewhere."
"Usually when someone seems this happy, it's because they've got a guy."
"Ha. No."
"You sure?"
"The only boys I have right now are imaginary."
He laughed, and we arrived at the restaurant.

The next day, I told my Aunt that I like Mario. When I mentioned that I was going to aske him if anyone got into the program, she started brainstorming ideas for me. They ran the gamut from "Hi, Mario. Did you hear who got into the program? How about a movie next weekend?" to "Hey, do you know who got in? Are they as cute as you?"

In other news, I got an 800 on the math SAT-II. My extended family (all 17 of them) has now toasted to me 3 times. My cousin (the one who played pro baseball for a year) said that my 800 was probably more than his girlfriend and his brother's SAT scores combined. My SAT scores from when I was 12 are also higher than his girlfriends. To be completely honest, I feel a bit guilty for testing so well. What right do I have to get such high scores. I'm hardly working significantly harder than everyone else.

I'll be back online in a few days.


Jackie said...

oh please. no need for the modesty miss tea, we all know you're a genius inventor....hehehe jk

somehow family tends to always make boys a big deal...

Gretchen said...

maybe your families but i'm not allowed to date until i'm 20 and they have to be chinese

vicky/bruney said...

"When I mentioned that I was going to aske him if anyone got into the program, she started brainstorming ideas for me."

Hahahaha...that's sooo funny in that it is totally something I would be doing
How's this pick up line: Hey Mario, do you know who's in the Columbia geniuses program next year? and while you're at it, do you want to come over so I can find the rest of the grammar mistakes in your portfolio...?

I also liked how you spelled "aske" like we're back in Olde England or something...hahaha

Tea said...

I'm going to pretend that I spelled aske like that on purpose. And I would definitely agree about making them a big deal. My cousins are all serial monogamists, so everyone older than me has a steady significant other. I'm now next on the hit list.

Jackie said...

well that makes sense vicky, because you ARE tea's aunt after all, according to tea's subconscious