June 21, 2009

Questionnaire Journey Continues

Name 13 people you can think of right off the top of your head. Don't read the questions underneath.

I'm going to instead do the top 13 people named on this blog.

1. Mario
2. Nyx
3. Vicky
4. Avon
5. Gretchen
6. Dino
7. Kathrya
8. Rube
9. Archie
10. Dora
11. Ginny
12. Kerry
13. Shelby

How did you meet 4?
freshman English, the first period of the first day of freshman year. Oh, and we may have known each other in elementary school, but I can't remember that.

Something about number 1?
you should be able to get a lot of 'somethings' out of the rest of this blog

What would you do if 2 and 4 dated?
they would break up at the first sign of paper stress, if anyone could, you know, convince them to start dating.

Have you ever seen 1 cry?
haha, no.

Tell me something about number 11.
the only other female sophomore on math team, and I love her for it. her general awesomeness is merely a bonus.

How long have you known number 8?
since january. I originally knew him as that annoying guy who sits behind me, never shuts up, and puts his feet on my chair.

Would you date number 4?
"she's awesome, but I don't swing that way"- I'm going to keep Kathrya's response on that one

What do you think about 12?
nice enough, working at my house gardening this summer. that should be interesting...

What would you do if 5 confessed they liked you?
wake up the next morning and tell Nyx that "OMG! I HAD THE WEIRDEST DREAM!"

What does 3 do for a living?
read U.S. history portfolios.

Would you ever live with 2?
yes, although I'm not sure that I could handle all her animal friends. Also, I'm not sure anyone can handle my messiness.

Is number 4 single?

Where does 6 live?
the same town as me

What do you think about number 3?
Insanely funny and awesome. However, she could be a bit more mature (I kid, I kid)

Fact about number 9?
he is a homo sapien.

What's the best thing about number 2?
she's such an amazing friend all-around it's hard to name just one thing. Her willingness to both listen to me talk incessantly when I feel the need and to fill the silence when I can't is pretty awesome.

What's your best memory with 4?
hmmm....my tendency to forget specific events unless reminded is kicking in right about now. Playing ping-pong last summer was fun, but I don't have one particular moment. I do remember that after I got back from the math meet in which Mario and I had this really weird look thing occur, I was iming her about it, on and on and on, since I hadn't started talking about him with anyone yet, and she was totally understanding and nice. Or, right before a big test, or after I've done not-awesome, or forgotten something important, or anything that I'm upset about, she gives really awesome pep talks. I always feel better afterwards.

Best physical feature for number 12?
ummm *pushes up imaginary glasses while thinking* he's tall. At least, I think he's tall. I'm pretty sure he's not short.

What do you think about 7?
hysterical and fun.

Does 1 mean a lot to you?
I'm not sure if I want to answer that...

Have you ever kissed number 4?
ha, ha, ha, no.

When's the next time your going to see 2?
soon, hopefully? I don't know.

Is number 5 pretty?
gorgeous, dahling

What was your first impression of number 13?
wow, that baby is really small. and loud. and OMG SHE BIT ME OWWWWW.

Have you seen 10 in the last month?
yes (last saw her the day before yesterday, at arena, and will see her again at HARRY POTTER WOOOOO)

When was the last time you saw 1?
last tuesday, in the cafeteria.

Have you ever been in 4's house?
yes, i have.

When's the next time you'll see 10?

Are you really close to 13?
sometimes. when she isn't being a moody adolescent

Have you ever been to the movies with 12?

Have you ever gotten in trouble with 2?
me? in trouble? NEVER (although, if i ever DID get in trouble, it would probably be with her)

Would you ever hang out with number 1?
would I? yes. Will we? no.

What do you and number 6 talk about the most?
school. beyond that, we don't really, um, talk...

Do you even know 9?
well, yes, I know all of these people. Could I have put celebrities on this list? I hadn't even thought of that!

Would you give number 5 a hug?

Would you ever go on a date with number 13?
zomg! incest! But I'd totally do date-like activities (movies, dinner, hanging out, etc.) with her, minus the sexual stuff.

What is the best thing about your friendship with number 2?
I'm comfortable with her. I don't worry about sounding stupid.

What is the worst thing about number 9?
well, he's mean to Boris. This really shouldn't bother me, because I, too, am mean to Boris, but it does.

How long have you known number 5?
since 6th grade (you can do the math)

Does number 7 have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

Have you ever been a co-worker with number 12?

Have you ever wanted to punch number 11 in the face?
no, I have not. I don't generally experience this punching urge you speak of.

How did you meet number 7?
gym class, this year.

Did you ever accidentally physically hurt number 10?
I hope not!

What is the best memory you have with number 2?
aaahh! so hard to decide! I love just hanging out with her. One time last year, we spent about four hours straight, comparing information on every single person in all of our classes. Now that was a good time.

Do you live close to 13?
in the same house.....she's across the hall.

What is number 3's favorite food?
I have no idea. Bella's blood?

Who is the most flirtatious?
probably my little sister (#13). This disturbs me greatly.

If you could change one thing about number 1, what would it be?
if he were capable of talking in cabs, that would be nice.

Say something nice about number 6.
he's good at math. And, um, tall.

Which ones live the farthest away?

Which one do you hang out with the most?
Shelby (it's too close not to)

Who is the loudest?

The quietest?
Ginny, but even she's hardly quiet all the time

What kind of car does 4 have?
it's imaginary


vicky/bruney said...

Muahahahaha...I'm number 3!!!!!! beat you Gretch!! hahaha, mario is number 1!!

What does 3 do for a living?
read U.S. history portfolios

hahahaha...that's ABSOLUTELY me!!! although I also devise schemes to find out other peoples grades, for example, I think this one is pretty good. After chem tests, I take my graphing calculator out and leave it on my desk. Inevitably, after a couple of minutes, someone asks to borrow it to calculate their grade. When they're done, they press clear and turn my calc off. I figured out that the calculator stores the last piece of data entered in its memory so, with my AMAZING math skills I realized that the last number times 1 is itself! I then just do, answer x1 and Voila!, there's their grade! Aren't I cool?

What do you think about number 3?
Insanely funny and awesome. However, she could be a bit more mature (I kid, I kid)

Hahahahaha...Opmin fully agrees...

What is number 3's favorite food?
I have no idea. Bella's blood?

Ok...let me tell you, blood is more of a beverage than a food! When did this whole thinking I'm a vamp start anyway? After Twilight? Due to my red hair and pale skin, (and extreme beauty, of course?)...???

my word veri is erflu, it sounds like something I would say when someone is sick, for example:

person: cough cough cough sneeze
me: what's wrong with you!!!?
person: cough, I don't know...
me: er flu!!!!!!!!!! swine flu!
*I run away screaming*

Tea said...

It's the nickname, vicky. You are, after all, named after a vampire.