June 24, 2009


I'm going to be out of town for the next week, and I don't think I'll have much computer access, so I suppose that you're just going to have to entertain yourselves.

Yes, there are heroic actions in Frankenstein, both by the Dr. and the Creation. At one point in the story, Dr. Frankenstein was in the process of creating another monster, this one as a wife for the creation. However, rather than bring another into the world, he decided to destroy the wife and sacrifice himself to his original creation. From his own perspective, he was being heroic. His actions actually had the opposite effect, and his friends were killed. Regardless, Dr. Frankenstein made a heroic decision, even if its results were not as he anticipated. The main heroic action of the Creation is his self-destruction and the end of the book. He is an abomination, the result of Dr. Frankenstein’s mishap. By removing himself from the world, he gets rid of all trace of Frankenstein’s work, allowing humanity to continue on its natural path. This is heroic because it is self-sacrifice for the betterment of humanity.

Now, here it is when I run it through babelfish back and forth

To Japanese: It is, Frankenstein hero behavior, it does both by the teacher and compilation. Temporarily in the story, as for Frankenstein teacher it was put in the process of compilation of this person the alone monster, as a wife for drawing up already. However, from in the margin world which is rubbed we had decided another ones, to destroy the wife and sacrifice him himself in compilation of that origin of him, it has, do. From his himself prospect, he was hero. That behavior brought the effect which is opposite really, that friend killed. In spite even to that, as for Frankenstein teacher that he expected, there is no result simultaneously, hero decision was done. Compilation being principal, hero behavior is that self-destruction and the edge of the book. As for him Frankenstein' of misfortune of hatred and teacher; It is the s result. He removes all marks of the work of Frankenstein by removing him himself from the world, in order to continue on the natural road, humanity does. Because this that is self sacrifice for improving the humanity, it is hero.

To Spanish: Yes, there are heroic actions in Frankenstein, next to the Dr. and of the creation. In a point in history, the Dr. Frankenstein was in course to create another monster, this one like wife for the creation. Nevertheless, something that others in the world, he decided to destroy the wife and the same sacrifice to his original creation. Of his own perspective, it was heroic. Their actions really had the opposed effect, and killed their friendly. The Dr. Frankenstein costs what costs, made a heroic decision, even if they were not his results whereas it anticipated. Main the heroic action of the creation is its self-destruction and the end of the book. It is a hatred, the result of the misfortune of the Dr. Frankenstein. Taking off of the world, it gets rid of all the sign of the work of Frankenstein, allowing that the humanity continues in its natural trajectory. This is heroic because he is self-sacrifice for the improvement of the humanity.


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