June 14, 2009

Vampires and Zombies and Spaceships, oh my!

This is another dream, courtesy of Tea's twisted subconscious. Enjoy.

My sisters (Genie and Shelby) and Mario and Nyx and I started in this dark graveyard at night, using our magic powers to keep someone else from reaching the gravestone we are guarding. The graveyard itself was a cross between the one in Buffy the Vampire Slayer and the Goblet of Fire, so I suppose, in that context, these actions made sense.
Everyone else had normal magic powers, spell flinging and whatnot. I was a good vampire, and the vampires in this dream didn't drink blood; instead, when they were killed, they became a spirit that had to take over a dead body or a doll. Dead bodies could be possessed indefinitely, but dolls must be replaced after only a few days or hours, proportional to their size. So, when a spell was about to hit Shelby, I jumped in front of her, taking the hit. I dissolved, leaving behind a rotting corpse.
The others, unable to fight them off without me, went home. I followed them, trying to find a new body. I got back to my room and try to find a suitable replacement. I considered my Spring Pearl doll, but she was rather tiny and won't last for long, so I decided to use one of Genie's porcelain dolls instead. Even so, I would need a new corpse soon. While I was floating, I found my Spanish textbook and workbook, which had been missing.
I found Dad and Shelby on the front lawn of the house. There was a fairly large crowd assembled, angry about the vampires. I heard Shelby say something about Mario, and I panicked that she was telling everybody that I liked him, so I made Dad shut her up. However, I didn't want to tell an angry crowd that I was a vampire, so I went looking for Mario.
I needed to ask him to go back to the graveyard and find my a dead body, but by they time I found him, he was already in the mudroom, preparing to leave. Abruptly, I hugged him, because I was happy that he was going to find me a body, and because, in dreamworld, I was into him too. He was surprised for a second, but hugged me back. I gave him a look that attempted to communicate "I like you. Please don't die." He squeezed me and said, "I don't know," before letting go, although I don't know if he was referencing the liking or the dying.
I passed Dora on my way back to my bedroom. "I don't think I like these vampires," she informed me.
In my room, Nyx and my sisters were sitting around. I tried to tell Nyx about hugging Mario, but then I realized that my sisters were listening, and considering Shelby had been talking about it ten minutes before, I didn't want to give her more ammunition. Nyx told be that she hadn't slept for two days and needed a nap. I had been dead that morning, so sleep wasn't really that big of a deal, but I figured a nap couldn't hurt, so Nyx, Genie and I squeezed into my teeny tiny bed and went to sleep. Shelby was supposed to keep watch, but she soon dozed off as well.
That was when the villain chose to strike. I woke up to see Richard (the boy in Nyx's lab group with the twin cousins who harass Gretchen) standing in the doorway. He looked pretty much like Richard always does, only something about him appeared vaguely evil. I rushed towards him, trying to fight min off, but he glided right past me. I tried to take over his mind (which vampires can do to each other) but I'd never been very good at.
"Look at her, trying to attack me. Ha!" he said, and pushed back, making me into his automaton. He then made me stand still as he hit me with a spell, killing me again. The porcelain doll fell to the closet floor, cracked and dirtied, as my spirit dissipated.
Dad then came in, and Richard informed him that they will be spared and I returned if they'll do Richard a few small favors. Dad agreed, on the condition that he got me back right away, and Richard informs me that there are a few dead bodies out on the front lawn for exactly that purpose.
Richard wanted us to steal three electrophorysis trays from my church. When we got there, they were in the middle of Bridging ceremony, but it was the weirdest church event I'd ever seen. A girl wearing a buttload of makeup was standing in the front, wiping it off, layer by layer, using little round handiwipes. We decided to get the trays by pretending we were supposed to be fixing them, so my sisters and I walked up to the front and took them.
However, just as I was walking back, the woman holding the handiwipes intercepted me. "Hold these," she said, and I passed the machine to Genie and accepted the wipes. I went to put them between my knees for better holding purposes, only to realize abruptly that I was naked, and I then proceeded to pass out.
The next thing I knew, I was clothed and on a spaceship with a tall, thirty-something black guy wearing what was, for all intents and purposes, Joseph's Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.
"We have to complete a quest," he told me.
"A quest to increase your powers. The quest of the moonfrogs."
"I was thoroughly confused, but there wasn't really much I could do about it. We came to the moon, which was shaped like one of Mars's moons, but with a hole drilled through the middle. On the outside, there were winds and floating moondust, and I became worried that they'd put me out there. Even if I couldn't die, it looked rather cold.
Instead, we flew inside the hole. We passed through a weird field, and, suddenly, I was in a store with Dad, Genie, and Shelby. We had to put the correct items into our cart in the correct order, without running out of time. I got into a fight with Genie over whether to pick cheerios or rice krispies, and then I woke up.

Anyone who can interpret this wins a gold star.


vicky/bruney said...

TEA...I wouldn't even know where to begin interpreting that beast of a dream...although I can see it being a great low budget movie...can't you...?
Picture this:
you're in the graveyard, all the graves are 2-D and made out of cardboard...you're firing spells around which basically look like glitter dust being randomly thrown by people behind the sets...
All of the dead bodies and dolls are supposed to look really scary, but, in reality, the corpses are just mannequins and the dolls are just torn stuffed animals
the vamps look just like humans only they have those Halloween stick on- light-up fangs
the entire thing has to be really poorly lip-synced with operetic voices instead of yours...actually, just make the entire thing an opera
Richard is basically a knock-off Phantom of the Opera...
I have to go study more now...maybe I finish the rest of your low budget film later...sounds great, doesn't it??

Tea said...

hahahaaa. I look forward to it.

vicky/bruney said...

Random Question: Are you getting end of year gifts for your teachers? I have something really cool for Ms. Opmin but my mom thinks that it looks like I'm sucking up to her...? What do you think?


Jackie said...

Okay, first off i like how you start out being killed in a graveyard and end up playing the price is right with your family.
I also find it funny - and typical - that I insist on taking a nap because I haven't slept in two days. I can't believe this happens even in YOUR dreams!

Okay, so here's the interp:
Section 1. the movies you stole from and why
Clause A. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, because we were talking about vampires and how my English teacher uses "vamp" as a verb to indicate the act of making someone else into a vampire.
Clause B. Goblet of Fire, because a guy I met at this party last night looks EXACTLY like harry potter, and I telepathically messaged you about it while you were asleep.
Clause C. that movie with the possessed doll in it that i don't know the name of - i have no idea why you would have watched this movie. BUT i do find your surface area to soul volume ratio theory quite plausible.
Clause D. Twilight - yes, the whole "please don't die" thing is highly reminiscent of a certain heroin addict and a spider monkey....
Clause E. Star Trek - because we saw it on Friday. Not sure where the dreamcoat came from though, and I'm pretty sure the awesome russian is missing.

Section 2. deeper meaning
Clause A. in a life threatening situation, you would like your sisters, me, and Mario to be on your side, and your dad has to be somewhere nearby to rescue us when we die.
Clause B. you feel safe in your house, as shown by the lack of graveyards and vamp slayers there.
BUT you are terrified of your house being somehow snuck into by Richard, whom you therefore find to be sneaky.
Clause C. You are more concerned with telling me that you hugged Mario than making sure you have lots of dolls to transfer your dead body into.
Clause D. You do not trust Shelby to be responsible for anything.
Clause E. Your church has interesting baptism rites.
Clause F. You are subconsciously aware that moonfrogs would indeed increase your, um, powers.
Clause G. "Flew inside the hole" is a giant euphemism. Or a donut.
Clause H. Shopping while timed stresses you out.

i interpretated!

Tea said...

Jackie, I just dissolved into hysterics while reading that. You're completely hilarious.

Here is my response:
A: I watched Buffy two weeks ago
B: I watched this in spanish two days ago
D: that's just creepy.
E: it would have been waaayyyyy better if the russian was involved.

A: I dunno about that. I think I'd rather just have my dad, so he can use his mad martial arts skills and I don't have to worry about my sisters
B: I don't think Richard is sneaky at all, actually. And I forgot to mention that I was afraid most of the time when I was in my house, except that it was during the day, so I didn't have to worry
C: very true.
D: haha yes
E: i suppose...
F: I'm trying to figure out if the um is implying some sort of dirty joke, but I can't find one, so I'm going with no.
G: That is a weird-ass euphemism if you ask me. And I like donuts.
H: shopping at all stresses me out.

fun interpretation

Gretchen said...

i feel kinda left out cause i wasn't in the dream

if i was i would have told you to suck it up...

haha, so richard was the evil guy? he would be such an awkward evil villian


Tea said...

well, in the dream, my room was a mess, like it is right now, which reminds me of you, because you are so wonderful about straightening things out. Speaking of which, if you happen to have any free time in like two weeks (after finals and my family vacation) I would be extremely appreciative if you and your organizational prowess could work on my room... :)

Gretchen said...

i have to comment b/c my word is


which is amazing!!!!